Fleet Fuel Card Features

Fleet Fuel Cards

Fuel Express Fleet Fuel Cards Offer Unbeatable Features

Fleet managers have turned to Fuel Express since 1989 for fleet management solutions. Our fleet fuel card program puts you in control of your budget and provides your drivers with flexible fueling options. Over 230,000 locations nationwide accept our fuel cards. Each card connects to an online account where you can easily manage spending and monitor activity in real time.

At Fuel Express, we never charge any annual, startup, or hidden fees. Ask about volume discounts and how our fleet fuel cards can help your business.

Organizations with large or small fleets choose fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express because we charge no startup fees or annual fees. You can get additional value from every fuel dollar if you qualify for our volume discount. After many years in the fleet management business, we’ve developed powerful fuel card features that protect you from fraud and enable precision budget management. Our fleet fuel card program can also serve as a data-collection platform that syncs with GPS solutions.

Fleet Fuel Card

Save Your Fleet Drivers Time

A card attached to a single service station brand such as a BP, Exxon, Shell, Chevron or Wawa credit card forces your drivers to adjust routes to reach specific locations. Those wasted minutes and miles will be a thing of the past when you adopt our fleet fuel cards.

A driver with a fleet fuel card from Fuel Express won’t waste time searching for a particular fuel station. Our huge acceptance network places 95% of all fuel stations within reach of your drivers. All major retail and truck stop chains process transactions on our fleet fuel cards so that you can pursue maximum savings.

Access the Lowest Prices

Drivers can eliminate time spent off route by pulling in almost anywhere when they need fuel. Widespread card acceptance lets them choose stations with lower fuel prices. Your business and drivers won’t be tied to the price set by a single fuel brand.

Our convenient mobile application helps fleet drivers compare stations. The app works on iOS or Android devices and informs drivers about nearby stations and current fuel prices. This information empowers them to limit company expenses by always connecting with the least expensive fuel sources. The app even displays efficient driving routes to every station to shave time off of fueling stops. Drivers can also use the app to find locations with specific services, like maintenance or car washes.

Low Prices with Our Fleet Fuel Card

Security Features

Unfortunately, even the most trustworthy driver can lose a fleet fuel card or have it stolen. Fuel Express has created a robust suite of advanced security and fraud prevention features to protect your finances. You can distribute fleet fuel cards to drivers with confidence because of the industry-leading security options provided by Fuel Express.

Halt Unauthorized Spending
Fuel pump prompts form the first layer of security. You can set up prompts according to your operational needs. You can ask drivers to input:

  • Odometer reading only
  • Route ID plus odometer reading
  • Driver or employee ID plus odometer reading
  • Vehicle ID plus odometer reading
Fleet Fuel Card Security Features

You can raise an additional barrier against unauthorized use with the Regional Restriction feature. This security feature greatly eliminates a thief’s ability to buy fuel before you know about a lost or stolen fleet fuel card. At your request, Fuel Express can block transactions outside of certain areas. For example, if your drivers only operate in Maryland, then any attempts to purchase fuel in other states will fail.

Convenient Online Account

Fleet managers can track all transactions through the secure online account attached to each fleet fuel card. You can set budgets through the online user interface and make adjustments as necessary. Budget customization for every vehicle and driver is easy to accomplish so that you prevent excessive spending.

Easily Manage Your Fleet Fuel Cards

Streamlining your budget starts with accurate activity tracking. As transactions occur, you’ll see information about who bought what for which vehicle. You’ll get to monitor spending details about purchase amount, location, and time. You can look at specific routes, drivers, or time periods. These spending insights create opportunities to reduce budgets or identify drivers who are careless with company money. The budget controls on each fleet fuel card can be adjusted by driver or vehicle. You can restrict certain drivers from making purchases or limit their transactions only to fuel. You can authorize other drivers to buy fuel and maintenance service.

Paperless Receipts

Paperless Receipts

Your immediate access to transaction data saves you from waiting for drivers to turn in paper receipts. All details will be ready for your review at any time. You’ll know the status of your budget without needing to add up a pile of receipts.

Download Reports

Easily Create and Download Reports

Running a business and building financial reports are two demanding tasks, but our fleet fuel card makes reporting easier. Your online account builds a variety of reports, and you can download the financial data into your bookkeeping software. The system spares you from tedious data entry and reduces time spent on accounting duties.

Mobile App Services

Download the Mobile App

As a fleet manager, you can’t always be in the office. The mobile app lets you access valuable information about your fleet fuel card from anywhere. You can use it to find stations that have diesel or specific maintenance services. The app’s up-to-date information about fuel prices by location makes it possible to squeeze the most value from the budget.

Conveniently Track MPG

Conveniently Track MPG

Our fleet fuel card system collects miles per gallon data. This allows you to measure fuel cost per mile throughout your fleet. MPG data broken down by vehicle can help you assign the most efficient trucks to certain routes. Sudden changes in a vehicle’s MPG will alert you to an imminent mechanical problem. The early warning gives you a chance to schedule the necessary maintenance before a costly breakdown. An unexpected jump in a vehicle’s mileage could indicate vehicle theft or a driver who is making an unauthorized trip.

Optional Vehicle Maintenance

Optional Vehicle Maintenance

You can obtain vehicle maintenance services throughout our card acceptance network of over 230,000 locations. A driver with a fleet fuel card authorized to buy maintenance services can attend to mechanical problems quickly. This limits downtime and helps a driver avoid lengthy delays in the middle of a route. As the manager, you control whether a card can purchase maintenance services, fuel, or both.

Great Customer Service

Great Customer Service

The team at Fuel Express works hard to provide every customer with top notch support in order to maintain smooth operations. When you call us, we’ll quickly solve your problems. From day one, we’ll show you how to realize the greatest benefits using our fleet fuel card. You can rely on us when setting up your account and every day thereafter.

fleet Fuel Card Reporting Features

Learn About Our Fleet Fuel Card’s Reporting Features

At Fuel Express, we understand the reporting and regulatory demands that fleet managers must contend with. Our fleet fuel card’s efficient reporting tools will improve productivity in many ways.

Apply for a Fleet Fuel Card Today

The Fuel Express fleet fuel card works well for small organizations and scales to meet the demands of large fleets. We’ll make it possible for you to control your fuel budget and streamline administrative tasks. Our complete fleet fuel card solution packages productivity, efficiency, flexibility, and security into one system. To experience the benefits of total fleet management, get the fleet fuel card today.