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Fuel Express Fleet Fuel Card Information

Fuel Express is not affiliated with, nor offers sales or customer service for Kwik Star Credit Cards. We are a fleet fuel card provider that is accepted at virtually every gas station in the U.S. including every Kwik Star Credit Card vendor gas station. This page is intended for current or prospective Fuel Express customers to review all of our fleet fuel and gas card acceptance locations. To learn more about our fleet fueling services, please contact us or apply for a fleet fuel card from Fuel Express today.
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The Kwik Star Credit Card May Not Be the Best Option

Many fleet managers assume that fuel cards like the Kwik Star credit card will satisfy their operational needs. Although major fuel brands offer acceptable products, their primary purpose is to promote their locations. Fuel Express promotes the efficiency and flexibility that fleets need. Our fleet fuel cards run on modern accounting and security infrastructure. On top of this, over 320,000 fuel and maintenance providers nationwide accept the Fuel Express card. All Kwik Star locations are included in this network along with nearly every other fuel company. Contact Fuel Express today to learn how our easy-to-use fleet card protects your budget.

Nationwide Acceptance with Our Fleet Fuel Card

Fuel Express brings 95% of all fueling locations together under one fleet fuel card program. Our nationwide acceptance network includes major fuel companies, supermarket gas stations, and regional chains. Convenient fuel stations are available to fleets that drive the same routes every day or regularly venture into new territories.

Use Our Fleet Fuel Card Virtually Anywhere

By design, the Kwik Star credit card steers your drivers toward Kwik Star locations. As a result, your drivers will tend to go out of their way to find a Kwik Star. At times, they will deviate from their routes to do this. Over the course of a year, the extra mile or two here and there puts a sizable dent in your fuel budget. Fuel Express, on the other hand, issues fleet cards that your drivers can use regardless of fuel brand. Drivers can effortlessly choose fuel stations when they see them along their routes. They will avoid adding unnecessary miles when refueling. Your budget benefits as the efficiency of each fuel dollar rises.

Great Benefits of Our Fleet Fuel Card

Save Money Using the Fuel Express Fleet Card

These days, fleet managers must pay more attention than ever to fuel costs. The widespread acceptance of the Fuel Express card empowers you to select the lowest available prices. Fuel prices frequently vary even in the same town or city. A $0.10 per gallon difference between fuel companies is entirely realistic. For every 100 gallons of gas or diesel, that means saving $10. Fuel Express helps your drivers take advantage of finding the best prices available.

The Fuel Express Mobile App Travels with You

Fuel Express makes saving money on fuel easier. When you choose Fuel Express instead of the Kwik Star credit card, you get to use our mobile app. Our iOS or Android app collects fuel price data for the locations in our network. Your busy drivers can check the app and plan where to stop for the most affordable fuel.

Accurate Expense Monitoring for Every Vehicle

Expense tracking for each vehicle attracts fleet managers to tools like the Kwik Star credit card. Fuel Express also fulfills this critical need. The account digitally tracks detailed transaction data for every vehicle in your fleet. We accomplish this by assigning a specific card to each vehicle. You receive precise data about spending activity for each vehicle, including purchase time, amount, and location. Although each card stays with its assigned vehicle, you can switch drivers as needed. Your drivers use their individual PINs to complete transactions with a fuel card.

Managing Budgets with the Fleet Fuel Card

The budgeting tools on a Fuel Express account are largely similar to those provided through a Kwik Star credit card. With Fuel Express, you can establish a maximum budget for each vehicle. You adjust this number if and when it becomes necessary. You can also restrict drivers to fuel-only purchases. This feature blocks temptations to buy other items at a gas station. The power to prevent employee abuse of a fleet fuel card helps you entrust drivers with your precious fuel budget.

Secure Fraud Protection and Budgeting Controls

Effective Fraud Protection Compared to a Kwik Star Credit Card

The rising value of gas and diesel increases the appeal of fleet fuel cards to thieves. To protect your financial interests, Fuel Express attaches industry-leading fraud prevention features to our fuel cards. Our customer service team can deactivate a card as soon as you report it missing or stolen. Available account features also allow you to tighten security at the pump. Daily dollar or swipe limits will disappoint thieves very quickly and shield your fleet from loss. The exception monitoring feature alerts you to suspicious transactions that might slip through. We can also work with you to define your region and block transactions outside your operational area.

Reach Out to Fuel Express Today

Fuel Express has developed account features to streamline fleet fuel purchases and accounting since 1989. When you choose us, you get decades of fuel management expertise. We are eager to supply advice to increase your efficiency. A relationship with us could yield greater results than running your fleet with the Kwik Star credit card. We are ready to have a productive conversation about helping your fleet succeed. Get started with Fuel Express today.