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Fuel Express is not affiliated with, nor offers sales or customer service for Phillips 66 Credit Cards. We are a fleet fuel card provider that is accepted at virtually every gas station in the U.S. including every Phillips 66 Credit Card vendor gas station. This page is intended for current or prospective Fuel Express customers to review all of our fleet fuel and gas card acceptance locations. To learn more about our fleet fueling services, please contact us or apply for a fleet fuel card from Fuel Express today.
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Another Great Option Like the Phillips Credit Card

Your fleet can use the Fuel Express fleet fuel card at Phillips 66 locations and hundreds of thousands of other places. The prevalence of Phillips 66 locations in your operational area might attract you to the Phillips 66 credit card. However, your fleet could benefit financially from access to any fuel providers in your area. Driving a few miles here and there just to shop at a Phillips 66 can increase annual mileage significantly. Contact Fuel Express today to learn more about our fleet fuel card with nearly universal nationwide acceptance.

Fleet Fuel Card With Nearly Universal Nationwide Acceptance

The unbranded fleet gas card from Fuel Express gives you the freedom to purchase fuel anywhere throughout the country. Over 320,000 locations nationwide accept Fuel Express cards. Our massive acceptance network also includes about 60,000 maintenance providers. This means your fleet drivers can easily pay for tire changes or emergency repairs if they encounter a problem on their route.

Business Gas Card With Paperless Receipts

If you’re running a small fleet, you might still be dealing with the hassle of paper receipts. The Phillips 66 credit card spares you from the administrative burden of old school record keeping. However, you get the same great benefit from Fuel Express fleet fuel cards. Your account will collect and organize all digital transaction data. The date, time, location, and amount of each purchase will be clearly documented for each vehicle.

Fuel Express creates a dedicated fuel card for each vehicle in your fleet. In this way, a card captures all transactions associated with its specific vehicle. The account can then track total fleet fuel spending and individual vehicle expenses.

You can set your account up in many ways, but typically your drivers each get a unique PIN. They enter the PIN with the card for the vehicle being used that day. This system maintains clear reporting of expenses per vehicle. As an added bonus, you get a record of individual driver spending behavior too.

Sync Accounting Software to Fuel Card

Effective Budget Control Tools Similar to a Phillips 66 Credit Card

As a fleet manager, you rely on tools like the Phillips 66 credit card to enforce your budget. You put plenty of work into estimating fuel expenses, and you need a fleet fuel card that keeps drivers honest. A Fuel Express account has built in all of the budget control features desired by fleet managers. We have been supporting the fuel management goals of fleets since 1989. As a result of our accumulated industry experience, you get complete authority over spending limits and restrictions.

Tax Exempt Purchase Management

Government agencies and nonprofits often get tax breaks on their fuel purchases. Our gas credit card makes the management of tax exempt purchases easier. This feature reduces time spent on administrative work so that you can complete more productive tasks.

Fleet Fuel Card Exception Monitoring

Most routes operate with reasonably consistent amounts of mileage and fuel use. Whether you track details with a Phillips 66 credit card or another fleet fuel card, you know what the normal patterns are. You can take this knowledge and define strange activity for your account. The system will then alert you to transactions that meet your definition of an exception to normal operations.

Alerts about gas credit card use out of your territory or excessive purchases can let you catch a thief quickly. Timely detection of unauthorized purchases gives you a chance to report a stolen card. The same system could also reveal a dishonest employee. Either way, you limit the financial damage that can result from bad behavior.

Protect Your Budget with a Fuel Card

Gas Card Fraud Prevention

The best fleet fuel cards include strong fraud prevention features. The Phillips 66 credit card has them and so does the Fuel Express fleet fuel card. As our customer, you have a range of options for fuel pump prompts. You can require an odometer reading at the pump or ask for it plus an ID number. Our system accommodates ID numbers for drivers, vehicles, or routes. Overall, fuel pump prompts can stymie a gas card thief. Fuel Express also has other strong security tools, such as daily swipe or dollar limits. Blocking transactions beyond the number expected in a given day protects your precious fuel dollars.

Compare a Phillips 66 Credit Card and Fuel Express Fleet Fuel Card

Fuel Express has operated successfully in the competitive fleet fuel management sector for decades. We know that fuel companies offer appealing products like the Phillips 66 credit card. This environment keeps us motivated to supply you with the best tools for meeting your goals.

Fuel Express reduces administrative chores and collects data that could lead to financially measurable improvements for your fleet. We’re always here to help you optimize your account and improve your bottom line. Reach out to Fuel Express for more information today or to get started!