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Fuel Express Fleet Fuel Card Information

Fuel Express is not affiliated with, nor offers sales or customer service for Royal Farms Credit Cards. We are a fleet fuel card provider that is accepted at virtually every gas station in the U.S. including every Royal Farms Credit Card vendor gas station. This page is intended for current or prospective Fuel Express customers to review all of our fleet fuel and gas card acceptance locations. To learn more about our fleet fueling services, please contact us or apply for a fleet fuel card from Fuel Express today.
Fuel Card

Similar to a Royal Farms Credit Card

Fuel Express issues fleet fuel cards with all of the tools needed to track and control fuel expenses. The card works similar to a Royal Farms credit card. Your drivers can use it at all Royal Farms locations as well as thousands of other fuel providers nationwide. The Fuel Express card automatically collects cost-per-mile data. Spending is itemized for each vehicle, and reports display transactions by each driver as well. As the fleet manager, you completely control who spends how much by inputting maximum budgets and purchase restrictions.

Nationwide Fuel Solutions and Acceptance

Founded in 1989, Fuel Express has operated on the forefront of technology and fleet fuel management. Our experience serving fleets has resulted in a powerful suite of fuel expense tracking tools. With our fuel card, you eliminate burdensome paperwork and record keeping tasks. No account upgrades are needed to use our account tools that help you save money. They are included at no extra cost. The combination of streamlined fuel expense management and a nationwide acceptance network protects your fleet’s bottom line. Your drivers can swipe for fuel payments nearly everywhere. Overall, compared to the Royal Farms credit card, you lose nothing and have much to gain.

Over 320,000 fuel and maintenance locations throughout the nation accept Fuel Express cards. The acceptance network also includes all Royal Farms locations, but your drivers can choose any fuel provider convenient for them. Your fleet can focus on buying fuel at the nearest locations or those with the lowest prices. You control fuel costs while collecting valuable data about fuel usage.

Discover the Benefits of Our Fleet Fuel Card

Convenience and Savings Using the Large Fuel Express Network

A Royal Farms credit card encourages your drivers to choose Royal Farms for fueling. Fuel Express switches your fleet’s focus from a specific fuel brand to paying attention to price and convenience. We make it possible to buy fuel almost everywhere. Interstate truck stops, mom-and-pop gas stations, and big national and regional fuel locations nationwide accept our card.

With the power to choose the closest place for fuel, your fleet will reduce overall miles driven. No side trips searching for a specific fuel location will be necessary. In addition to staying on your routes as much as possible, you can shop for the lowest fuel prices. By reducing miles and taking advantage of lower fuel prices, your fleet stretches every fuel dollar farther. In the long-term, the savings add up as your drivers learn to choose the most affordable fuel stops.

Merchant Locator App

Useful Mobile App to Find the Best Prices Nearby

The Fuel Express team understands that your drivers have plenty on their minds. That’s why we make it easy to plan fueling stops with our mobile app. We’ve made our online merchant locator tool available on mobile iOS and Android devices. A quick search on the mobile app reveals fuel locations along your routes and gas and diesel prices. Along their routes, drivers might spot prices $0.05 to $0.10 lower than competitors. The mobile app also includes useful information about diesel, tire repair, or other maintenance services.

Transaction History Made Easy

The Royal Farms credit card is not the only solution when you need transaction data automatically collected. The Fuel Express card generates the transaction reports that you need to run your fleet. Your account will include a dedicated card for each vehicle. All transactions for a vehicle go on its associated card. You get a clear report outlining per-vehicle expenses. Your drivers enter their PINs regardless of which vehicle and card they are using. The PIN data delivers information about driver spending behavior. As a result, you know exactly how much anyone spends.

See How Our Fleet Fuel Card Can Help Your Orginization

Control Your Fleet’s Budget Using the Fuel Express Tools

When you choose Fuel Express instead of the Royal Farms credit card, you stay in control of your budget and monitor spending. Simply assign a maximum spending limit for a vehicle according to its anticipated travel distance. You can determine the upper limit by monitoring current fuel prices. When desired, you also have the power to restrict specific drivers to fuel-only purchases. Use these tools to make surprise purchases and overspending next to impossible.

Increased Security Features

Fraud prevention is a big concern for fleet managers due to the value of fuel. A Fuel Express account has the power to stop thieves in several ways. The PIN used by a driver is only the first wall between your money and thieves. We offer multiple options for fuel pump prompts. These are extra codes that a driver must input to authorize a sale. You may also impose daily dollar amount and swipe limits on a fuel card to limit what can be stolen. The exception monitoring account tool alerts you to strange purchases.

Strong Security Features

You get to determine what would be suspicious for your fleet. If a transaction meets your parameters, you receive an email. This can be a powerful deterrent to both internal and external theft. Fuel Express also has the ability to set up regional restrictions if that works for your fleet.

You may require inputs such as:

  • Odometer reading
  • Vehicle ID
  • Employee ID
  • Route ID

The Royal Farms Credit Card Alternative

Fuel Express takes pride in teaching clients how to get the most benefit from their fuel card accounts. Choosing our card instead of the Royal Farms credit card connects you with fleet management specialists. Our onboarding process will help you leverage your cards for maximum efficiency. For streamlined expense tracking, custom budget control, and industry-leading fraud prevention, contact Fuel Express today.