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Fuel Express Fleet Fuel Card Information

Fuel Express is not affiliated with, nor offers sales or customer service for Sunoco Credit Cards. We are a fleet fuel card provider that is accepted at virtually every gas station in the U.S. including every Sunoco Credit Card vendor gas station. This page is intended for current or prospective Fuel Express customers to review all of our fleet fuel and gas card acceptance locations. To learn more about our fleet fueling services, please contact us or apply for a fleet fuel card from Fuel Express today.
Fuel Card

The Sunoco Credit Card Is Not the Only Game in Town

Depending on your business and industry, options like the Sunoco credit card may seem adequate for your needs at first glance. Even so, you don’t have to limit yourself to what major fuel brands have to offer. Fuel Express operates a fully modern fleet fuel card system. We issue fleet fuel cards which are accepted at over 320,000 fuel and maintenance locations nationwide, including all Sunoco stations. Contact us today to learn more about our fleet management system and how it can help your bottom line.

A Fleet Fuel Card That Goes Everywhere

Some fleets run the same routes continually whereas others serve routes that change from day to day. No matter where your drivers find themselves, Fuel Express connects you to any fueling locations. From big national chains to local supermarket gas stations, our acceptance network includes 95% of fuel retailers across the country.

The Flexibility to Buy Fuel Anywhere

Using a Sunoco credit card naturally focuses your drivers’ attention on Sunoco branded locations. This situation could end up adding extra miles of driving. Your drivers might go out of their way to reach a specific fuel station instead of stopping somewhere closer when you can swipe a Fuel Express fleet fuel card virtually anywhere. As a result, your drivers have little reason to deviate from their routes. Over the course of a year, saving a mile or two here and there will add up. Ultimately your fleet will use fuel dollars more efficiently.

Universal Fleet Fuel Card

Shop for the Lowest Fuel Prices

When you can buy gas or diesel wherever you want, you can choose locations with the lowest prices. Fuel prices can vary even in the same town, sometimes by as much as $0.10 a gallon. When drivers spot a good price, business fuel cards from Fuel Express makes it possible for you to take advantage of it.

Convenient Fuel Express Mobile App

You and your busy drivers don’t have to rely on luck to notice the places with the best prices. Fuel Express has a mobile application for iOS or Android. The app gives you access to location and fuel data. Use it to find the most convenient or most affordable places to fuel up.

Automatic Expense Organization for Each Vehicle

You turn to tools like the Sunoco credit card because you want accurate fuel expense reports. Fuel Express understands this requirement. We assign a specific fuel card to each vehicle in a fleet. Your account will record all transactions for each fuel card under its associated vehicle. This system allows you to know precisely how much was spent to operate each vehicle. Assigning different drivers to a vehicle will not alter the organization of transaction data. All drivers receive their own PINs that authorize their use of fleet fuel cards on your account.

Budget Controls Similar to a Sunoco Credit Card

The budgeting tools associated with a Sunoco credit card may appeal to you. For this reason, Fuel Express has similar tools that let you set maximum budgets for each vehicle. Purchase restrictions are another tool that help you restrict spending. A common restriction is only authorizing the purchase of fuel. These features help you place a fleet fuel card in the hands of a new employee with more confidence. A maximum budget in conjunction with a fuel-only restriction limits employee abuse of fleet fuel card.

Fleet Fuel Card Budget Control and Fraud Protection

Fraud Protection Features

Thieves want to get their hands on gas cards. Because of this fact, our fleet fuel cards carry industry-leading fraud prevention features similar to the Sunoco credit card. Fuel Express will deactivate a stolen or lost gas card as soon as you report it. You can also use the exception monitoring tool in your fleet fuel card account to get an early warning about suspicious activity. On top of this, you can curtail what a thief might steal by using daily swipe or daily dollar limits. Customers who operate in well-defined regions can ask us to block out-of-region purchases.

Feature-Rich Fleet Fuel Card That Rivals a Sunoco Credit Card

Fuel Express is in a position to provide expert advice to fleet managers. We’ve been in the fuel management business since 1989. We know how to put together smart solutions for fleets of all sizes and in all industries. Before you decide to use the Sunoco credit card, find out what can do for your fleet’s bottom line. Reach out to the experts at Fuel Express right now to get started!