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Fuel Express is not affiliated with, nor offers sales or customer service for Thorntons Credit Cards. We are a fleet fuel card provider that is accepted at virtually every gas station in the U.S. including every Thorntons Credit Card vendor gas station. This page is intended for current or prospective Fuel Express customers to review all of our fleet fuel and gas card acceptance locations. To learn more about our fleet fueling services, please contact us or apply for a fleet fuel card from Fuel Express today.
Fuel Card

The Thorntons Credit Card is Not Your Best Fleet Fuel Card Option

A fleet fuel card is a vital tool for fleet management. Fuel Express provides you with a fuel credit card with nationwide purchasing power at practically all fueling stations, including Thorntons. Your drivers will be able to purchase fuel wherever they want, without incurring any additional fees. Fuel Express also charges no setup or annual fees.

Our Fleet Fuel Card Offers Nationwide Acceptance

With Fuel Express, your drivers have practically endless options. Over 320,000 fuel and maintenance stations are part of our nationwide acceptance network. Thorntons and other national and regional gasoline companies, convenience stores, and supermarkets accept our fleet fuel card.

Discover the Benefits of Our Fleet Fuel Card

Save Money While Operating More Efficiently

Because of the volume of fuel used by fleet operators, every penny matters. You can choose the most affordable locations to make purchases at, as nearly every fueling location in our network. Even within the same town, fuel prices can fluctuate. Use the lower-cost sites to save money on your monthly fuel expenses. A large network also prevents you from deviating from your route in search of fuel. Instead of hunting for a location that accepts the Thorntons credit card, plan your fuel stops along your trip. Using the nearest gas station saves time and eliminates wasted kilometers.

Merchant Locator App

Utilize Our Trusted Mobile App

Fuel Express has worked hard to make fuel pricing transparent for you. You and your drivers do not have to rely on luck to get reduced pricing. The Voyager mobile app for iOS or Android devices puts current fuel prices in the hands of your drivers. The app allows you to narrow down your search by area or specialized requirements, such as diesel or tire repair. When you select a location, the app provides directions.

Our Fuel Express Card is Accepted Almost Everywhere

The extensive Voyager network allows your fleet to purchase gas or diesel in urban, suburban, and rural regions. No matter where you send your vehicles, you can use the Fuel Express card. The extensive acceptance network can provide you with various advantages over the Thorntons credit card.

Simple Budgeting With Our Fuel Card

Fuel Express will provide you with the same or superior budgeting capabilities as the Thorntons credit card. We give you complete control over your fuel dollars, vehicle by vehicle. You determine the budget for each vehicle based on the estimated number of miles driven and current prices. This effectively limits what each card can pay for. As variables change, simply update your vehicle budgets. If fuel prices or mileage fall, you can tighten the budget to avoid impulsive spending.

Better Fleet Tracking

Cost Monitoring for Your Fleet

As a fleet manager, you must know the exact cost of each vehicle’s fuel. This data assists you in assigning the most efficient vehicle to each work. Furthermore, if fuel spending on a certain vehicle surges without explanation, you may be able to uncover difficulties. Fuel Express has created the features required to access powerful fuel expense data. Each vehicle in your account is assigned a card. Each swipe of the card captures expenses solely for that vehicle. By entering their individual PINs, different drivers can use the same card. You always have the option of staffing vehicles as needed while receiving thorough reports for individual vehicles. You save money on administrative costs by arranging transaction data and expenses in your Fuel Express account.

Top-Notch Fraud Protection Compared to the Thorntons Credit Card

Thieves enjoy fuel cards because they may easily obtain a valuable commodity with a single swipe. Some employees and contractors may even fall victim to fuel card theft. Fuel Express accounts include robust fraud prevention tools to safeguard our customers from losses. As with a Thorntons credit card, we will deactivate a card as soon as you report it lost or stolen. However, you can protect your money in advance by using fuel pump prompts. To authorize purchases, prompts ask your drivers to input certain codes, such as a vehicle or driver ID. Many criminals are deterred by this feature immediately. The exception monitoring tool alerts you to any unusual behavior. In your account, you decide what constitutes a normal or abnormal transaction. If something happens outside of your parameters, the system notifies you via email. Swipe limitations are another excellent security feature. To prevent unwanted activity, you can set daily dollar limits or even swipe limits.

Strong Security Features

The Best Thorntons Credit Card Replacement

Fuel Express is your one-stop shop for powerful fleet fuel management solutions. We recognize that you have numerous options when it comes to fleet fuel cards. We’ve spent decades perfecting our tools to increase your profits. Learn how we can save you money over the Thorntons credit card. Make sure to contact us about our fleet cards today.