Fleet Fuel Card Acceptance

The Best Fuel Card for Small Businesses

Fuel Express delivers convenient and flexible fleet fuel card solutions that protect your budget. Our fuel card for small businesses simplifies every part of fueling, spend monitoring, fraud prevention, and billing. Our fuel cards charge no startup fees and no annual fees.

Fuel Card Acceptance Locations

No matter where your fleet operates, your drivers can access our nationwide acceptance network of over 320,000 locations. Your drivers will save time because they can choose the fueling stations closest to their routes. You won’t be restricted to any specific fuel brand or gas station chain. The Fuel Express fleet fuel card is accepted at the following locations:

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Why Choose Fuel Express?

Fuel Express fleet fuel cards help small businesses get the most value from every fuel dollar. In addition to our massive acceptance network of over 320,000 locations nationwide, our fuel card makes tracking vehicle expenses almost effortless. Assign a card to each vehicle or driver and view real-time transaction data through your online account. Set maximums on the fuel budget for every vehicle to block attempts by drivers to buy extra fuel for themselves.

With our fuel card for small businesses, you also have the power to put purchase restrictions in place. Customize your purchase restrictions for each card assigned to vehicles or drivers. Designate certain cards for fuel only and eliminate unauthorized purchases of snacks and drinks. Use daily swipe limits to detect and stop excessive transactions.

Your online fleet fuel card account can build numerous reports about spending activity. Use the reports to improve operational efficiency or spot suspicious spending. Additionally, the reporting tools organize your fueling expenses and integrate with accounting software. On top of all of this convenience, our fuel cards make your entire fuel expense tracking system paperless. The system sends all transaction data automatically to your online account.

Even when you have trustworthy employees, you still need fuel cards with strong fraud prevention features. The fuel card for small businesses from Fuel Express comes with regional blocking and fuel pump prompts built-in. These security tools halt transactions outside your operational area or when a thief cannot input the correct pump codes. Activate and customize the security features that work for your organization. If a card is lost or stolen, our 24/7 customer service line can deactivate it as soon as you call.

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Fuel cards that keep everything centrally organized and on budget can help your business thrive. The Fuel Express fuel card for small businesses lets you shop for the best fuel prices and block unauthorized purchases. Our fleet fuel card includes strong defenses against fraudulent uses and collects vital fleet spending data. Take advantage of these powerful features and fill out our form to get a commercial fleet fuel card today.