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Fuel Express Fleet Fuel Card

Fuel Express is not affiliated with, nor offers sales or customer service for Caribe fuel credit cards. We are a fleet fuel card provider that is accepted at virtually every gas station in the U.S. including every Caribe gas station location. This page is intended for current or prospective Fuel Express customers to review all of our fleet fuel and gas card acceptance locations. To learn more about our fleet fueling services, please contact us or get a fleet fuel card from Fuel Express today.
Fuel Card

At Fuel Express, we’re here to provide a fleet gas card that can be used at every Caribe location and also has a few extra tools to help you better manage your fleet. Because your drivers can use our fleet fuel cards at more than 320,000 other fuel and maintenance locations nationwide, they can fill up quickly and improve their efficiency.

An Increase in Performance

When your drivers are low on fuel and have the freedom to choose a gas station that is conveniently located on their route, they’ll be able to complete their routes faster. In turn, your company will be able to increase its production and you’ll be able to satisfy more customers.

In addition, with our GPS tracking solutions, you can plan out the fastest routes for each vehicle as well as give your drivers the ability to navigate through traffic, road closures, accidents, detours, and more. With optimal route planning and faster route completions, you can increase the overall performance of your fleet and in turn, improve your bottom line.

Budget Control

Our fleet fuel card comes with an online account that lets you view the date, time, and amount of each driver’s transactions. This lets you keep a close eye on what’s being spent, where it’s being spent, and who is spending it so that you can plan out your budget more efficiently.

In addition, we offer budget tools like purchase restrictions and spending limits to make sure that whatever budget you set stays on track; you won’t have to worry about your drivers overspending or buying items that they shouldn’t.

We understand things can go wrong sometimes, which is why we offer a toll-free 24/7 customer support line to help solve your issue. In addition, we offer fraud detection on each fleet fuel card so if there’s ever any suspicious activity, you’ll be notified immediately.

Similar to a Caribe Gas Card

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