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Fuel Express Fleet Fuel Card

Fuel Express is not affiliated with, nor offers sales or customer service for Depot fuel credit cards. We are a fleet fuel card provider that is accepted at virtually every gas station in the U.S. including every Depot gas station location. This page is intended for current or prospective Fuel Express customers to review all of our fleet fuel and gas card acceptance locations. To learn more about our fleet fueling services, please contact us or get a fleet fuel card from Fuel Express today.
Fuel Card

As a fleet fuel card company, we’ve helped numerous companies in a variety of industries increase their overall success. We can help you manage your fuel budget, better your efficiency, track your assets, and more. With a Fuel Express business gas card, we can help you make better purchases at every Depot location nationwide.

Increased Productivity From a Fleet Fuel Card

Our fleet gas card gives your drivers the opportunity to fill up at any Depot location. It can also be used at thousands of other gas locations. That means your drivers don’t have to waste time looking for a specific gas station; they’ll have the freedom to stop at a gas station that’s close to their route. By having options, your drivers can fuel up faster and get back on the road. And with less time spent at gas stations, they’ll be able to complete their deliveries faster, improving your company’s overall productivity.

Tracking Features

When you have dozens of fleet drivers, knowing where they are is key. With our GPS tracking features, you’ll be able to track exactly where your drivers and your vehicles are at all times. Each fleet fuel card comes with an online account where you can view each transaction’s location, time, and date, so you can know exactly where your drivers are on each of their routes. You can also set spending limits and purchase restrictions to help stop overspending and unapproved purchases at all gas locations such as Depot. We also offer a variety of alerts and reports to take better control of your operations.

Similar to a Depot Gas Card

For the simplest way to take control of your fleet, consider investing in our fleet fuel cards. In addition to tracking features and purchase controls, we also offer 24-hour customer assistance and anti-theft protection. You and your drivers can rest easy knowing that there’s always someone available to help. Contact us today for more information.