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Fuel Express Fleet Fuel Card

Fuel Express is not affiliated with, nor offers sales or customer service for Shell fuel credit cards. We are a fleet fuel card provider that is accepted at virtually every gas station in the U.S. including every Shell gas station location. This page is intended for current or prospective Fuel Express customers to review all of our fleet fuel and gas card acceptance locations. To learn more about our fleet fueling services, please contact us or get a fleet fuel card from Fuel Express today.
Fuel Card

Fleet Fuel Card Alternative to the Shell Gas Card

Shell is a major national fuel brand, but the Shell gas card might not be the best fit for your fleet. A fleet fuel card from Fuel Express offers powerful budgeting tools designed around the needs of fleet managers. Contact us today to learn more about our customizable reports, easy to use account, fraud prevention features, and so much more.

Convenient Fueling Anywhere

With help from Fuel Express fleet drivers get the freedom and flexibility to buy fuel almost anywhere. Our fleet fuel card operates on the Voyager network backed by U.S. Bank. As a result, over 320,000 locations nationwide accept the Fuel Express card. That represents 95% of all retail gas and diesel providers.

Road construction detours or last-minute route changes won’t leave your drivers backtracking to Shell gas stations. Your fleet drivers can select the closest gas stations wherever their routes take them. We’ve developed a Merchant Locator tool that provides your fleet with data about service stations and fuel prices. The mobile app makes it easy to find the best locations nearby.

Access Fueling Stations Nationwide

No Hidden Fees at Fuel Express

We’re proud to say you won’t encounter any startup, annual, or hidden fees at Fuel Express. If your fleet expands, your account won’t shift into a tier that might trigger unexpected fees. We’re transparent about service costs with our account holders. We know how valuable predictability is to fleet managers. You have enough to contend with as fuel prices fluctuate.

Complete Fleet Fuel Budget Control Similar to a Shell Gas Card

Even if you’re satisfied with the Shell gas card account management tools, you can expect Fuel Express to meet your needs. We have built a competitive account platform that gives fleet managers what they need to enforce fuel purchasing rules.

You set the upper limit on purchases for any particular vehicle in your fleet. With a maximum budget in place, you don’t have to worry about surprise purchases. Nothing will be left to chance. Use the expected miles for a route and current fuel prices to estimate a reasonable budget.

If you detect problematic purchases, then you can take steps to prevent them from happening again. You might choose to limit certain drivers to fuel purchases only. You could also choose to put daily purchase limits in place.

We Provide Detailed Fuel Expense Reports

Fuel Express issues a fuel card for each vehicle in an account holder’s fleet. This system ensures that all purchases on a card reflect spending for its assigned vehicle. In this way, you get expense reports that show individual vehicle fuel costs.

Similar to reports for a Shell gas card, per-vehicle spending data could help you spot inefficiencies in your routes. The insights that you gather may allow you to make adjustments that improve productivity. The driver assigned to a vehicle will not impact the collection of vehicle expense transactions. Each driver gets a unique PIN from Fuel Express that will activate a card.

Detailed Fuel Expense Report

Optional GPS Solutions

As a fleet manager, you’re aware of the power of GPS to take operations to the next level. GPS gathers valuable data about vehicle speed, braking, and position. This information can allow you to spot reckless driving or design better routes that bypass traffic congestion.

Our company offers two GPS solutions: Geotab and GPS Insight. We can integrate your fleet fuel card account with GPS. This builds a big picture about fuel costs and fleet movements. If you’re thinking about adding GPS, you might want to consider Fuel Express instead of the Shell gas card.

Strong Fraud Prevention Tools

Business gas credit cards from Fuel Express include robust fraud prevention tools. Our customer service team can issue new cards as soon as you report lost or stolen cards. Additionally, you can use the exception monitoring tool to alert you about suspicious transactions. You define what looks out of place for your fleet. An alert about an unexpected purchase will let you stop a thief quickly.

Fuel pump prompts are another great way to keep thieves from using your fleet fuel cards successfully. You can require inputs like IDs for a driver, vehicle, or route. You can use combinations of inputs, such as odometer reading and driver ID.

Daily swipe or spending limits on a gas credit card discourage fraud as well. A thief will get stopped upon hitting these limits. Fraud also occurs within fleets. Drivers trying to sneak in extra fuel purchase for themselves will find it difficult with limits in place. At Fuel Express we do everything we can to try to halt these unauthorized purchases.

Ask Us How We Compare to a Shell Gas Card

We’ve been in the business of fleet fuel management since 1989. Our staff can explain how our account features will benefit your fleet. If you want to compare our tools to the Shell gas card, get in touch. We’ll examine your fleet size and operational goals and answer all of your questions. Reach out now to find out more about our fleet fuel cards.