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Fuel Express Fleet Fuel Card

Fuel Express is not affiliated with, nor offers sales or customer service for Smokers Express fuel credit cards. We are a fleet fuel card provider that is accepted at virtually every gas station in the U.S. including every Smokers Express gas station location. This page is intended for current or prospective Fuel Express customers to review all of our fleet fuel and gas card acceptance locations. To learn more about our fleet fueling services, please contact us or get a fleet fuel card from Fuel Express today.
Fuel Card

Whether you’re part of a commercial, corporate, small, or tax exempt business, we know that fuel management can be complicated. That’s why at Fuel Express, we offer a business gas card with plenty of acceptability (including acceptance at every Smokers Express location). Our fleet fuel card can help you plan out your budget, delivery routes, and more in order to be at your most efficient.

Increased Productivity

From quality products to customer service, there are several things that are important for every fleet’s productivity. One of these things is timely delivery routes. While this can be difficult to do, our fleet fuel card company has a few tools that can make things easier. Each one of our fleet fuel cards comes with an easy to use account that you can access at any time. This account lists the time, date, and location (such as Smokers Express) of each purchase made by your drivers. Here, you can track where your drivers are on their routes. In addition, we offer a GPS tracking solution that can help your drivers plan the most efficient routes and keep them updated with alternate routes in case they run into traffic, detours, accidents, and more.

A Gas Card for Any Industry

At Fuel Express, we know that there are fleets in a wide variety of industries, from construction to pest control to HVAC and more. While each industry has its own goals and methods, we believe our fleet fuel cards can help. Choosing a fleet fuel card that offers budget and tracking features can help make your business run smoothly.

Smokers Express Gas Card Budget Control

Easy Budgeting With Our Fleet Fuel Card

At Fuel Express, our fleet fuel cards come with budget tools to keep your company within its budget. With the purchase restriction tool, you can determine what your drivers can and can’t buy. With the spending limit tool, you won’t have to worry about your drivers spending too much.

Similar to a Smokers Express Gas Card

Contact us today to learn more. Our gas card can be used at every Smokers Express location and offer the tools you need to improve your fleet.