Fleet Fuel Card

Answers to Your Common Questions

The Fuel Express team has developed a flexible fleet fuel card program that supports successful fleet operations. We know you may have a few questions about our fleet fuel cards and how they work. That’s why we’ve created a fleet fuel card FAQs page. Here, we address some of the most common questions and try to answer them as thoroughly as possible.

As a full-service fleet management solutions company, we’ve designed our products and services to meet all of your business needs. The fleet fuel card FAQs address topics that commonly come up for new or existing customers.

If you don’t find the question or answer you’re looking for, please reach out to us at 1-800-462-0799. We realize that the complexities of running your fleet might not fit neatly into typical scenarios. You’ll get prompt responses to any of your questions or concerns from our industry experts.

General Fleet Fuel Card FAQs:

A fleet fuel card is a dedicated purchasing and tracking solution. It functions like a credit card, but is limited to spending within our network of over 320,000 fuel and maintenance locations. Unlike a company credit card, you don’t have to worry about employees spending money outside of fuel stations. You assign an individual fleet fuel card for each driver and determine their specific budget. As purchases are made, you can access information for each fleet fuel card through an online account. The account presents real-time data about who bought what, where, and when.

The purchasing process for your drivers is similar to using a credit card. As the manager, you control the budget for each fleet fuel card. You can set spending higher for longer routes and restrict the budget for shorter routes. This prevents your drivers from going over budget without your authorization. You can monitor everything through a secure online account.

On top of spending data, the fleet fuel cards measure fuel usage for each vehicle. Reports generated by the online system provide valuable insights about driver spending habits and vehicle performance. Fuel Express fleet fuel cards also offer a fraud detection feature. The system will alert you to any unusual activity. Additional security can also be activated through the use of fuel pump prompts. If desired, you can require drivers enter a PIN or other type of identification.

The powerful features outlined in these fleet fuel card FAQs empower you to streamline your budgeting and expense reporting. As data comes in, you’ll gain the ability to eliminate inefficiencies. You might spot drivers who use more fuel than others and train them in better driving habits. The data might also allow you to redesign your routes and reduce fuel consumption. Fleet fuel cards coupled with online reporting will reduce your paperwork load. You won’t need to reconcile receipts from various sources. The system will record everything that you need in one place.

Fuel Express fleet fuel cards adapt to fleets of all sizes. We’ve built a card system appropriate for small businesses, government agencies, or corporations. The threshold to apply is very low. Your organization only needs 4 vehicles or a fuel consumption rate of at least 100 gallons per week. Beyond that, Fuel Express fleet fuel cards scale easily to large fleets with hundreds of vehicles.

Fuel Express has built a nationwide network of over 320,000 locations that accept our fleet fuel cards. Our cards are not limited to a single fuel company or brand. We have agreements with many fuel providers. This means that your drivers can conveniently choose the closest location for fueling and maintenance.

No, we do not change any startup or annual fees with our fleet fuel card. We believe in transparent pricing so there are no hidden fees either.

Fleet Fuel Card Application FAQs:

Simply fill out our short form and provide basic information about your company, fleet, and estimated monthly budget. A Fuel Express representative will contact you and will discuss the benefits of our fleet fuel cards and provide the next steps in the application process. Please note that the fleet fuel card FAQs state the minimum application requirements. Your fleet must use at least 100 gallons of fuel per week or consist of at least 4 vehicles.

You can reach the Fuel Express office in Mt. Pleasant, SC, at 1-800-462-0799. If it’s more convenient, you can also reach us through our short contact form.

Fleet Fuel Card Spending FAQs:

Yes. You can designate each fleet fuel card for the purchase of fuel, maintenance service, or both. You can have different authorizations for each card.

Yes. Our fleet fuel card’s versatile budgeting tools allow you to set monthly spending limits and restrict specific types of purchases. You can authorize specific drivers to buy fuel, maintenance, or both. You can block certain drivers from making purchases. If you detect unnecessary purchases, you can stop the overspending immediately.