Gas Card Benefits

Our Gas Card Benefits

Fuel Express has been providing top notch fleet management services since 1989. Drawing upon our extensive industry experience, we’ve designed a flexible fleet fuel card program. Each of our gas card benefits have been created with the needs of fleet owners in mind. Our fleet fuel cards empower you to stay on budget, increase efficiency, and make purchases at over 320,000 locations nationwide.

• Budget Controls

With our budget management tools, such as spending caps and purchase/budget controls, you can effectively regulate your fleet’s expenses. These tools allow you to set daily or transactional spending limits for each driver. You can also prevent unauthorized or non-essential purchases. With Fuel Express fleet gas cards, concerns about drivers overspending or misusing the fuel budget on unrelated items are a thing of the past, ensuring your fuel funds are used appropriately and efficiently.

• Advanced Fraud Prevention

Protecting against fraud is crucial when it comes to fleet fuel cards. Our approach includes a comprehensive defense system to protect your finances if your card is ever compromised. By implementing a mix of geographical limitations, expenditure caps, and frequency-of-use controls, coupled with verification prompts at the pump (like employee ID, vehicle ID, odometer input, or route identification), we make sure unauthorized transactions are effectively prevented.

• Merchant Locator

While our Fuel Express network boasts an impressive reach with over 320,000 locations, the true effectiveness of our network lies in the tools we provide for easy access. With our website or mobile app, your drivers can effortlessly locate nearby fuel stations, making choices based on their current route and real-time fuel prices. Our user-friendly interface features a map adorned with clear icons, allowing drivers to search by address or specific merchant features. Also, locations are not only displayed on the map but also in detailed data tables, which provide comprehensive information including location, distance, fuel price, and more, ensuring your fleet operates with optimal efficiency and convenience.

• Spending Monitoring & Tracking Data

As a fleet manager, it’s essential to know the fuel costs for each vehicle in detail. This knowledge helps you assign the most suitable vehicle for every task and detect any unexplained increases in fuel expenses, which might indicate vehicle issues. Fuel Express offers a system designed to provide in-depth fuel expense insights. We assign a specific card to each vehicle in your fleet, ensuring that every transaction is recorded separately. Multiple drivers can use the same card by entering their unique PINs, allowing for flexible vehicle staffing while maintaining precise tracking of each vehicle’s fuel expenses. Our system streamlines transaction data and costs in your Fuel Express account, ultimately reducing administrative expenses and enhancing financial management.

• Universal Acceptance

Our Fuel Express Voyager fleet fuel cards are widely accepted, with 95% of U.S. fuel stations honoring them across more than 320,000 gas and maintenance locations. This extensive network ensures your drivers won’t need to deviate from their routes to refuel, saving valuable time. Additionally, the freedom to choose from a vast array of stations allows them to find the most cost-effective fuel options available, eliminating the need to seek out a particular brand of gas station.

Discover the Benefits of Our Fleet Fuel Card

Gas Card Benefits for Any Size Business

Fuel Express provides scalable fleet gas card benefits and solutions that adapt seamlessly to fleets of any size, serving both small and large businesses alike. Understanding that different businesses have varying requirements, we offer consistent benefits aimed at enhancing your bottom line. We take pride in offering customizable reports for each fleet gas card account, giving you precise insights into your drivers’ spending habits, including the specifics of their fuel purchases – what they’re buying, when, and where. This tailored approach ensures you have the detailed information needed to effectively manage your fleet’s fuel expenses.

Additional Reporting Options

Route design, vehicle selection, and driver assignments all influence your operational expenses. The reporting options make it possible to drill down into the details of your fleet from every angle.

Choose from reports to see data about:

  • Vehicles
  • Driver purchases
  • Miles per gallon
  • Exceptions
  • Individual transactions
  • Invoices
  • Tax-exempt purchase activity

Learn More About Our Gas Card Benefits Today

We’ll listen to your business concerns and goals and explain how each of our gas card benefits will support your operation. Our fleet fuel cards put the power of real-time data, online reporting, and driver purchase authorization in your hands. Contact Fuel Express today to learn more about the many fleet gas card benefits available to you.