Gas Card Benefits

Our Gas Card Benefits

Fuel Express has been providing top notch fleet management services since 1989. Drawing upon our extensive industry experience, we’ve designed a flexible fleet fuel card program. Each of our gas card benefits have been created with the needs of fleet owners in mind. Our fleet fuel cards empower you to stay on budget, increase efficiency, and make purchases at over 320,000 locations nationwide.

Flexible Solutions

Flexibility is an example of one of our premier gas card benefits. Our goal is to cater to every company’s specific operational goals and demands. Fuel Express recognizes your needs for budget control, reporting, fraud prevention, and security.

Fleet fuel card assignment options grant you the ability to attach a card to a certain vehicle, specific driver, or both. You determine the spending authorizations for each card. You can set a cap on purchases or choose to limit purchases to specific products and services. A card could be for only fuel or both fuel and maintenance.

An online account for each card conveniently places all data at your fingertips. You’ll be able to track spending by time, amount, location, driver or vehicle. The system also records miles per gallon for each vehicle. Use the data compiled by the reporting tools to analyze activity, make improvements, and keep expense records.

On top of convenient tracking and reporting, our fleet fuel cards include:

  • Exception monitoring
  • Security code fuel pump prompting
  • Multiple options for billing and payment
  • Purchase management for tax exempt organizations

Fuel Express has bundled these powerful features into a fleet fuel card accepted by countless service stations in every state.

Additional Benefits

The exception monitoring feature keeps you in control. To accommodate your fleet’s needs, the reporting tools allow you to set up your own company-specific exceptions.

This will alert you to issues like:

  • Unexpected changes in miles per gallon
  • Shifting purchase patterns
  • Excessive fuel purchases
  • Disruptions in purchase patterns

The ongoing measurement of all transactions ensures that you can spot fraud or unexplained changes in purchases. Fuel pump prompts provide additional gas card benefits that keeps spending within defined parameters.

Fuel pump security prompt options are:

  • Odometer reading
  • Route ID number plus odometer
  • Driver or other employee ID plus odometer
  • Vehicle ID plus odometer

Fleets that want to keep things simple can elect not to use fuel pump prompts.

Benefits of Additional Reporting Options

Additional Reporting Options

Route design, vehicle selection, and driver assignments all influence your operational expenses. The reporting options make it possible to drill down into the details of your fleet from every angle.

Choose from reports to see data about:

  • Vehicles
  • Driver purchases
  • Miles per gallon
  • Exceptions
  • Individual transactions
  • Invoices
  • Tax-exempt purchase activity

Learn More About Our Gas Card Benefits Today

We’ll listen to your business concerns and goals and explain how each of our gas card benefits will support your operation. Our fleet fuel cards put the power of real-time data, online reporting, and driver purchase authorization in your hands. Contact Fuel Express today to learn more about fleet fuel card benefits.