Control Budget with Fleet Gas Cards

Halt Overspending and Increase Your Bottom Line

At Fuel Express, we know that a successful business is one with an established budget. We also know that budget control can be difficult – especially when you have a large number of employees and fleet drivers. With the features of our fleet gas cards, you’ll be able to track every penny of your fuel and maintenance budget.

You’ll also be able to control it with our budget tools like spending limits and purchase restrictions. You can limit how much each of your drivers spend on a regular basis. You can also put a stop to purchases that are unapproved or unnecessary. With fleet gas cards from Fuel Express, you’ll never have to worry about drivers over-spending or using your fuel budget for other items.

Go Paperless With Our Fleet Gas Cards

When it comes to fuel expenses, many fleets must collect and categorize purchase receipts in order to establish the right budget. With our easy to use account and top notch customer service, however, you can go paperless. Each of our fleet fuel cards comes with an easy-to-use account and we are able to create customized reports based on your needs. You’ll have access to spending records that tell you the date, time, and location of each purchase made. This gives you the opportunity to easily sort out and better understand your budget so you can in turn improve your bottom line.

When you pair these tools with our GPS solutions, you can create a comprehensive management system for your fleet. Tracking fuel expenses along with your drivers’ locations provides a detailed overview of your business. At Fuel Express, we understand how much of an impact a successful management system can be. That’s why we do everything we can to help you take control of your budget with our fleet gas cards.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Accepted Nationwide

Our fleet gas cards are accepted at 95% off all fuel locations throughout the United States. Over 320,000 different gas station and maintenance locations process transactions using the Voyager fleet fuel card from Fuel Express. Having access to so many different locations allows your drivers to save time along their route as they will never have to take a detour to purchase gas. They’ll also save money because they will be able to stop to purchase the most affordable fuel along their route instead of hunting down a specific gas station brand.

Accepted at 95% off all fuel locations

Many business owners think fleet gas cards that offer discounts are a good option, but did you know many of them bundle in fees that they don’t advertise? At Fuel Express we’re proud to say that we never charge any start up, annual, or hidden fees. We know controlling your budget starts with understanding where every dollar is being spent. Take advantage of lower fuel costs with the help of our fleet gas cards.

Strong Fraud Prevention Features

Fraud prevention is one of the most important aspects of fleet gas cards. We offer multiple layers of defense to safeguard your budget in the event that your fuel card falls into the wrong hands. Utilize a combination of regional restrictions, spending limits, and swipe limits along with fuel pump prompts such as an employee ID, vehicle ID, odometer reading, or route ID to ensure no one will be able to make an unauthorized purchase.

Fleet Gas Cards Perfect for Any Size Business

When it comes to fleet gas cards, Fuel Express offers solutions that can easily scale no matter how many vehicles are in your fleet. We cater to both small and large businesses and offer the same benefits to help improve your bottom line. We know the needs of different businesses vary. We’re proud to offer customizable reports for each fleet gas card account to provide insight into exactly what your drivers are spending, when they’re purchasing fuel, and where.

Fleet Gas Cards Perfect for Any Size Business

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Ready to get started? Apply for one of our fleet gas cards today. Or if you want to learn more about what we can do for your budget, contact Fuel Express today. Our representatives are standing by and are ready to answer any questions you may have.