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Fuel Express Offers the Best Fleet Fuel Cards

The fuel card program from Fuel Express helps solve common issues for fleet managers and creates opportunities to improve your operations. We can put the best fleet fuel cards on the market in your drivers’ hands. Driver downtime decreases when they can choose the lowest fuel prices and the closest service stations on their routes. Our vast acceptance network across the United States makes this unrivaled level of convenience possible.

Over 320,000 fueling and maintenance locations process payments through fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express. Widespread access to fuel wherever your vehicles operate is only the beginning. A Fuel Express card account includes state-of-the-art fraud prevention, customizable budget controls, and real-time online access to transaction data. For the greatest benefits, use the Merchant Locator in conjunction with your cards. The locator tool works with the best fleet fuel cards to keep drivers behind the wheel and cut expenses.

How to Find Fueling & Maintenance Locations

Our best fleet fuel cards come with easy and accurate merchant location tools. Your Fuel Express card offers your drivers two easy ways to find fuel or maintenance locations across the US. Drivers can search for what they need with the Online Acceptance Locator. They may also access the same information through the Apple or Android mobile application.

Acceptance Locator
Acceptance Locations App

Online Merchant Locator

This powerful search tool helps business fleets save time and money. The Merchant Locator organizes merchant attributes so that your drivers can find precisely what they need where they need it. Search results present detailed maps and driving directions too. In just a few moments, your drivers can be on their way to the desired destination.

Best Fleet Fuel Cards

Search by Address

Simply enter a zip code, address, intersection, or place of interest to narrow your options down to a specific location. These multiple search options help drivers even when they are in unfamiliar territory. The extensive location information within the merchant database enables drivers to find stations in urban, suburban, and rural areas.

Search by Merchant Attributes

Our cards stand out as the best fleet fuel cards because the Merchant Locator goes beyond mere location. You’ll keep fleet expenses under stricter control when drivers have access to up-to-date merchant information throughout the country.

The people driving your vehicles can view information about specific fuel locations and services. Search filters sort results by fuel types, like gasoline, diesel, ethanol, and more. When drivers need maintenance, they can connect with nearby resources for the exact service needed. The database narrows down searches by oil change, tires, transmission repair, car wash, roadside assistance, and much more. Our best fleet fuel cards even have the option to refine searches according to brand names.

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Acceptance Locations App

Fuel Express has risen to prominence among fleet fuel card companies since 1989 by providing organizations with innovative management tools. The Voyager App presents a prime example of the resources we invest in our best fleet fuel cards. The mobile apps for iOS or Android connect your drivers with current fuel prices and service station locations.

Along with providing clear driving directions, the app allows users to customize searches. Search filters fine-tune results by the shortest route, fuel type, maintenance services, and pay-at-the-pump features. Drivers can make quick decisions about where to go for the best prices or repairs. The app is available to everyone through the App Store and Google Play.

Download on the App Store

One of the many benefits offered by our best fleet fuel cards integrate seamlessly with iOS mobile devices. Drivers with iPhones or iPads can add the app and immediately access the latest information about a network of over 320,000 fueling and maintenance locations. Your drivers can select the most convenient points on their routes to fuel up. The search results also show information about fuel type and price.

Merchant Locator Apple Store

Users may locate other amenities specific to their vehicle and fleet spending policies. The app quickly retrieves location-targeted information about service providers for oversize vehicles and car washes. When pay-at-the-pump capability is needed, the app can filter choices by that requirement.

This app for the best fleet fuel cards also takes driver safety into account. Avoiding accidents is a top concern for fleet managers, and the app’s audio feature supports this priority. It enables hands-free operation as the app announces necessary information so that drivers keep their eyes on the road.

Download on Google Play

If you equip your drivers with Android devices, the app for our best fleet fuel cards is downloadable at Google Play. With a few taps on the screen, drivers can compare all of the fueling stations along their routes. With a network of over 320,000 locations accepting our cards, fuel and maintenance are never far away from your vehicles.

Merchant Locator Google Play

Your employees save time by going directly to the service providers that can meet their needs. They won’t pull in somewhere only to discover that the location doesn’t offer a needed service. Clear driving directions direct users to locations based on search criteria. You can look for places that perform essential maintenance and accept a Fuel Express card. All of these benefits are why people consider us to offer the best fleet fuel card on the market.

FAQs for the Mobile App

A: Yes. The Voyager acceptance location app is a free download.

A: The app runs on iOS 8.0 or later and can be downloaded to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. To load onto an Android phone or tablet, the app requires a 5.0 version or newer operating system.

A: Anyone with a compatible Apple or Android device may use the app to find places that accept the best fleet fuel cards. For the app to function, you’ll need to turn on device location services and activate mobile data.

A: Yes, you may download and use the app on multiple phones and tablets.

A: Visit either the App Store for Apple devices or Google Play Store for Android devices. At either location, search with the term “Voyager.” The app will appear in the search results. Select the app and then hit the Install button. After installation, you may start searching locations where you can pay with the best fleet fuel cards.

A: Use of the app’s merchant locator function is openly available without login credentials. Advanced functions, however, require user registration. With registration comes the ability to save information about routes.

A: Yes. The app must have an active connection to the internet to access information, such as fuel prices, in real time.

A: The app organizes available information about:

  1. Merchant addresses
  2. Driving directions
  3. Fuel prices
  4. Fuel types, including alternative fuels
  5. Operating hours
  6. Maintenance services
  7. Amenities, like car washes

A: When you need to know where to use our fleet fuel cards, tap the Voyager Mobile icon. This opens the app, and then you will choose between a location-based search or route-based search. You’ll also enter your fuel and distance requirements.

After entering your requirements, the app displays relevant locations. The results show business names, addresses, brand logos, and distance from your current position. You may narrow down results by sorting by brand, price, distance, fuel type, and amenities.

As for pricing, the list shows the last known price along with the date of the last pricing update.

A: By default, the app draws upon your device’s current GPS location to present search results. These will be locations in your vicinity. You may also enter a destination along your route to plan fueling stops.

A: To find the best prices or necessary services farther down your route, tap the “Road” icon. If you don’t want to use your current location, you can enter the origin and destination of your route. This creates a suggested route with locations meeting your requirements along the way.

A: The “Filter” function allows you to select maintenance locations and/or fuel stations. Choose “maintenance” as your search filter. The results will reveal places on your route where you can pay for repairs with our best fleet fuel cards.

A: Not directly. However, you can pinpoint your fuel search to include “Truck Stop Diesel.” Vehicles of any size can access truck stops.

A: Every day, the app receives new information about fuel prices and merchant location details. New prices detected from transactions within the Voyager system refresh the data in a matter of minutes.

A: Transactions taking place within the card network produce the pricing information. The system discards pricing older than 3 days.

A: No. The app only displays fuel prices, but it does include maintenance locations that accept your fuel card.

A: If you notice a mistake concerning a merchant’s name, brand, address, or price, you can report it. If a merchant has reported a price incorrectly, the Voyager Merchant Services Team can alert the merchant to the problem.

A: No. The app only organizes information for U.S. locations.

A: No. The online tool remains available. Fleet managers may find it useful when planning routes that accept the best fleet fuel cards.

A: Yes. You’ll be able to drive and perform hands-free searches and listen to directions. Turn on voice features in the settings area. Choose “Audio Announce Site” to receive verbal alerts about the locations that you’re approaching. Announcements will reflect your search criteria related to distance and price.

A: Once you choose a destination, you need to tap “Get Directions.” You will then select the map navigation tool that you prefer. The app directs the address to either Apple or Google maps. These apps provide the verbal turn-by-turn directions so that you can pay attention to the road.

This integration with verbal directions represents an important feature. It reduces distractions for your drivers. Additionally, the feature minimizes time spent looking for places that accept our fleet fuel cards.

A: No. You have the option to change your Apple device settings to use Google Maps.

A: Turning your device’s power completely off and then turning it back on is the first step. Closing and restarting the app might resolve a problem. Deleting the app and downloading it again may also fix your issue. Be sure to restart your device after the new download.

Find Fueling & Maintenance Locations

Why Choose Our Fleet Fuel Card?

The merchant locator and search filtering tools are just one element of the Fuel Express fuel management ecosystem. We are considered to offer the best fleet fuel cards because they empower your fleet to manage fuel costs, find maintenance quickly, and set firm budgets per driver.

As the fleet manager, you can monitor all spending through an online account and track miles-per-gallon. Fuel Express has responsive customer service that can promptly deactivate lost or stolen cards. Our fraud prevention tools let you defend your resources from internal and external thievery.

Paperless receipts, versatile expense reporting, and purchase restriction capabilities create a practical fuel card system for your small business. Fuel Express has designed everything to address on-the-road realities and administrative burdens. Thousands of businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies have benefited from using the best fleet fuel cards available today. Everything can be integrated with our optional GPS solutions too.

Leverage our expertise in the fleet management business by contacting Fuel Express today. We’re ready to answer all of your questions about the best fleet fuel cards. Call a company representative or fill out the contact form.