Fleet Activity Tracking

Comprehensive Fleet Tracking

No matter the industry, we understand how important it is to know where your fleet drivers are. With our fleet fuel card, we give you the ability to track the activity of every single driver in your fleet. As part of our fleet tracking benefits, you can assign each card to a specific driver (and block it from others.) Alternatively, you can assign each card to a vehicle and every driver will have an individual pin. You can also designate each fleet fuel card to fuel purchases, maintenance purchases, or a combination of both. This helps you learn more about your finances and maintain a successful budget.

Our business gas card also links to an easy to use account with purchase details. Here, you’ll be able to see where your drivers use their cards, what they purchase, and at what time they do so. This lets you track their activity and helps you ensure they’re on the right route.

Know What Your Fleet is Doing

When you have a finger on the pulse of each of your drivers and vehicles, you’ll be able to better manage your business. Keeping your operations on track ensures maximum profitability. Fuel Express business gas card can help your fleet stay on track, stay on task, and minimize fuel and financial waste. Get control of your fleet with a fuel card from Fuel Express.

Fleet Tracking Benefits

  • Increase Productivity
  • Better Data
  • Fuel Optimization
  • Safer Drivers
  • Stay Compliant
  • Better Insurance Rates
  • Theft Protection
Better Fleet Tracking

GPS Solutions Enhance Fleet Tracking

Another beneficial part of our fleet management and tracking program are our GPS Solutions. When you set your vehicles up with GPS, you can improve your fleet tracking significantly. You’ll be able to select the best routes for each vehicle while monitoring their location. In addition, your drivers will enjoy real-time traffic updates that can help them stay on track. If they receive an alert for an accident, detour, construction, or another issue, they can use their GPS to avoid it. They won’t have to look hard to find one of our participating 320,000 fueling and maintenance stations either.

GPS Solutions - Geotab


The latest in GPS fleet tracking technology, GeoTab plugs right into your vehicles and sends real-time data back to your dashboard. You’ll be able to manage each vehicle and driver so you know exactly where they are and what they are doing. This is great for compliance and improving your bottom line.

GPS Solutions - GPS Insight

GPS Insight

Our legacy program offers some of the same features of GeoTab but is not as plug-and-play. You’ll have access to real-time tracking data to help improve your fleet efficiency. You can even send messages to your drivers through the system to keep them on track or alert them of important information.

Fleet Tracking Software Helps Efficiency

When you know where your fleet is, what it is doing, and how long it is taking to perform its duties, you’ll be able to save your company time and money. Tracking your vehicles’ MPG lets you know how efficient each of your drivers are and can help you decide how to deploy your fleet on future jobs. Our fleet fuel card can also alert you to any mechanical problems your vehicle may have. If a vehicle is operating at a significantly low MPG rate, it may be a warning sign of an issue that you’ll be able to address before you are faced with potentially costly damages.

Run the Best Business with Our Gas Card

Take control over your fleet and improve your operations. By motoring spending, efficiency, location, and maintenance needs with our fleet tracking services, you’ll be able to improve your bottom line. If you have any questions about our business gas card or fleet tracking services, don’t hesitate to contact us.