Small Business Fuel Card with Universal Acceptance

Exceptional Fuel Cards for Your Small Business

Fuel Express provides fuel cards for small businesses that create new opportunities for saving money. With nearly every single fuel station in the country accepting our cards, your fleet can operate efficiently. Your drivers can utilize over 320,000 gas and maintenance locations without deviating from their routes. The reduced mileage on vehicles will save money on maintenance and usage over the long term. In the near term, you gain the ability to select locations with lower prices. With your fleet saving both time and money, your small business can earn a greater return on investment. Feedback from small business customers has been fueling our advancements in our fuel card program for decades.

Where Our Fleet Fuel Card is Accepted

Your business can use fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express at almost all service stations nationwide. Numerous fuel brands and service station companies accept our fuel cards for small businesses. This is a huge advantage over fuel cards offered by single brands that effectively force drivers to pass more convenient or affordable locations. On top of saving you time and money, our fuel card accounts automatically track expenses. The system builds itemized expense reports for each vehicle even when drivers shop at multiple locations, like these popular companies:

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Benefits to Universal Acceptance

Universal acceptance of fuel cards for small businesses reduces potential issues for your drivers. They’ll have the flexibility to obtain fuel and maintenance when and where it makes the most sense during their trip. Our relationships with small business fleets have revealed many ways that our cards contribute to productivity.

Fuel Card for Small Business - Universal Acceptance
Over 320,000 Locations Available

The biggest national and regional gas station chains welcome Fuel Express cards. Your fleet can count on buying fuel at many stations, including Shell, Mobil, BP, Exxon, and many more. No matter how far afield your drivers go, they can depend on their fuel cards to work. Your drivers can swipe fuel cards for small businesses anywhere from truck stops on the interstate to metropolitan convenience stores to suburban supermarkets.

Fuel Card Small Business Gas Stations
Virtually All Gas Stations in the USA

Fuel Express has worked for years to grant small businesses access to a far-reaching fuel card network. Now, your drivers are freed from inconvenient limitations when they are trying to get work done. They can choose the best times to stop for fuel. This versatility reduces delays of deliveries or appointments because they can plan fueling around customer priorities.

Fuel Card for Small Business on the Road
Save Time by Staying on the Road

Your fleet may have already tried a branded fuel card and discovered the inconvenience of that choice. Using fleet fuel cards for small businesses that work at almost every location cuts down on detours for fuel. Your drivers will have the freedom to use their own judgment too. They likely know the nuances of their routes and can select fuel stations where they won’t get bogged down in traffic. Fuel Express gives you a way to make every minute on the road as productive as possible. The cards have quick, pay-at-the-pump capabilities that speed the fueling process.

Fuel Cards for Small Businesses Helps Route Planning
Better Planning for Your Routes

Our fuel cards for small businesses can remedy any frustrations that you’ve experienced when plotting routes. With a way to pay at almost all locations, your drivers can stick to the efficient routes that you have planned. Your routing decisions will not have to rely on reaching specific fueling companies. As a result, you can plan deliveries and appointments that reduce fuel expenses and cut out time wasted looking for fuel stations.

Save Mileage with a Fuel Cards for Small Businesses
Less Miles on Your Vehicles

The ability to plan efficient routes and fueling stops lowers daily mileage for your fleet’s vehicles. On top of weekly fuel savings produced by drops in mileage, the fleet vehicle life can be extended. Inevitable wear and tear will accumulate more slowly. This spreads out maintenance costs and enables longer time spans between investments in new vehicles.

Fuel Card for Small Business Save on Gas
Save Money on the Cost of Fuel

Our fuel cards for small businesses integrate with a system that displays current fuel prices. You can take advantage of lower prices when your company has the freedom to choose any fuel station. Variations in per-gallon costs, even if only pennies, add up to measurable savings over weeks, months, and years.

Small Business Fuel Card

Fuel Express empowers your small business with affordable fleet solutions. Our fuel cards for small businesses charge no setup or annual fees. The features and tools included with your fleet fuel card help build a strong foundation for efficient fleet fuel management. These cards have the flexibility to fulfill the goals of many types of small business fleets, including:

Universal Acceptance Fleet Fuel Card for Small Businesses
  • Delivery
  • Construction
  • HVAC and other home service providers
  • Mobile health care companies
  • Property managers
  • Automotive
  • Nonprofits

Complete Fuel and Maintenance Payment Solution

In addition to paying for fuel anywhere nationwide, these fuel cards for small businesses are accepted by many maintenance providers. You can use them to cover expenses, like oil changes, tire services, belt replacement, and other repairs.

Strong Budget Control

At the account management level, you can determine the maximum spending for every card assigned to every vehicle. With strict spending limits, you’ll halt excessive spending while retaining the power to adjust budgets when necessary. You may restrict cards to only fuel purchases if you wish.

Track Activity and Spending

Real-time transaction data populates your online account interface. At any time, you can see where and when purchases were made and for which vehicle. Anyone deviating from spending policies or strange activity will become immediately apparent.

Expense Reporting

Fleet fuel cards for small businesses produce paperless receipts. As the fleet manager, you’ll no longer wait for paper receipts to arrive so that you can prepare reports. Your online account will gather current spending data and generate the reports that you need. Information can be viewed collectively or on a per-vehicle basis. The PINs assigned to drivers allow you to examine spending on the individual driver level as well.

Robust Security

Your organization may select the security features that address your specific needs. You may require fuel pump prompts or work with Fuel Express to impose regional restrictions. We can deactivate lost or stolen fleet fuel cards for small businesses as soon as you alert us.

Customer Service

As a Fuel Express customer, you’ll be dealing with a company completely focused on fleet management. This contrasts favorably to running a fleet on a credit card from a bank that serves all types of customers. We understand your concerns and know how to solve fuel card problems promptly.

GPS Options

Fuel Express offers GPS solutions designed to integrate with fuel cards for small businesses like yours. If you want to go beyond tracking transactions and build a complete data picture of fleet operations, talk to us about our GPS products.

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Fuel Express makes it possible to control budgets and design routes for peak fuel and time efficiency. With our fleet fuel cards for small businesses, you can improve your bottom line with minimal additional effort. In fact, your fuel account could streamline expense tracking and reduce administrative tasks. This back office efficiency further enhances the savings in time and money achievable with our card. To access the tools that big fleets use to protect profit margins, contact us today. The application process is quick, and a company representative will answer all of your questions.