Chemical Fuel Card

Fleet Gas Cards for the Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is an important part of today’s world. Chemical companies are able to turn raw materials into thousands of different products and if you’re a part of one of these companies, Fuel Express is here for you. We offer a fleet fuel card for the chemical industry to help streamline your business processes and improve your bottom line.

Driver/Vehicle Tracking

Whether your business produces basic chemicals, specialty chemicals, or consumer chemicals, we know transportation is a large part of your operation. From small, local deliveries to distribution on a national scale, your company relies on vehicles to move products.

At Fuel Express, our fleet fuel card gives you the ability to track your vehicles and drivers so that you know where there are at all times. Each of our fleet fuel cards comes with an online account that tracks the time, date, and location of every purchase your drivers make. This means you can keep track of where they are in their route and what they’re spending. In addition, we also offer advanced GPS Solutions that let you track drive time summaries, idle times, fuel usage, and much more to keep your fleet on track.

Budget Tools

No matter the size of your chemical company, we know your budget is what keeps business successful. In order to make a profit, it’s important to set and stick to a budget. With our fleet fuel cards, we can help you do just that. Each of our cards is equipped with spending limits and purchase restrictions that you can set for your drivers. These tools help prevent them from spending more than they should or buying items that aren’t approved. This can help you stick to your budget and stay on track.

Make your chemical industry operations easier with a fleet fuel card from Fuel Express. Contact us today to get started.