FedEx Route Owner

Fuel Up Your Truck and Save

The FedEx Ground network in the United States relies on more than 6,000 independent contractors to fulfill its deliveries each day, and if your business is among these FedEx route owners, Fuel Express can help you optimize your operation whether you have a single delivery truck or a multi-vehicle fleet. Through our fleet fuel card, we provide you with the customizable tools you need to control spending, improve your bottom line, protect against fraud, track your fleet, and so much more.

Budget Management for Your Fleet

With the Fuel Express fuel card, FedEx route owners can manage their budgets with fine control. Track every purchase made, including where the card was used, how much was spent, and on what. Use our online tools to monitor fuel card activity. Review driver spending histories, and control usage through restricted item lists, spending limits, swipe limits, and regional restrictions. Fuel Express also provides reporting and analytics tools that give you even greater insight into how your resources are used.

Discover the Benefits of Our Fleet Fuel Card

Nationwide Acceptance

Another reason that FedEx route owners should choose Fuel Express is that no matter where your FedEx route takes you, your fleet fuel card will be accepted. In fact, our network encompasses more than 320,000 unique locations and only continues to expand. That includes all major fuel brands, most smaller ones, and 95% of all gas stations in the United States. With our extensive network, your drivers will be able to choose the refueling spots that are the closest and most affordable.

Strong Security Features

Fraud Protection for Your Finances

Fraud is among the greatest risks to your bottom line, and Fuel Express provides FedEx route owners with customizable and multilayered protection. Exception monitoring is a core strategy of our approach and will alert you to sudden spending spikes and spending pattern irregularities. Fuel pump prompts that require an ID number and odometer reading eliminate most fraud, and you can further protect your business with daily dollar and swipe limits on a per-driver and per-vehicle basis.

Stay On Schedule with Your Deliveries

Your Fuel Express account will provide you with access to our full range of GPS solutions. Drivers will have all of the information they need in the palm of their hands through our mobile app. That includes real-time traffic updates, including alerts for accidents, detours, construction, and other issues. You’ll also be able to plan routes, update routes, and track your drivers and vehicles wherever they are.

Better Fleet Tracking

Flexible Fuel Card Solutions

Our customer service team is available to you around the clock and has extensive experience helping FedEx route owners and clients in many other industries get the most out of their Fuel Express accounts. Whatever the unique needs of your business, we’ll help you tailor our services to them.

FedEx Route Owners Rely on Fuel Express

Fuel Express has helped many FedEx route owners improve their bottom lines, and we can do the same for you. Get started today by registering online, or contact us with any additional questions.