Health Fuel Card

Fleet Fuel Card for the Health Industry

The health industry is a broad industry that includes a variety of businesses. Many of these businesses use fleets of vehicles to tend to their patients, deliver medication, transport home care individuals, and more. Whether your company has a fleet of cars, trucks, SUVs, or vans, our fleet fuel card can help.

If you have a fleet to manage, you appreciate any tool that can simplify your operations. At Fuel Express, we have just the thing. When you invest in our fleet fuel cards, you’ll have an easy way to track your vehicles, create a fuel budget, monitor spending, and more.

Timely Appointments

No matter what kind of business your company does, it’s important for your drivers to be on time for their appointments. When they have access to a fuel card, they can use it at virtually any gas station in the country. This means if they need gas on their way, they can stop at a nearby location and fill up quickly. All it takes is a quick swipe, a few prompts, and a gas fill-up. After that, your drivers can be on their way. Because our fleet fuel cards document the time, date, and location of each purchase digitally, they won’t have to worry about paper receipts. Instead, they can get back on the road and complete their routes on time.

Well-Maintained Vehicles

Just like your customers, your fleet vehicles should be healthy too. You can extend the lifespan of each vehicle by scheduling regular maintenance appointments like oil changes, tire rotations, fluid flushes, and more. And if you need a helpful reminder for when to do these things, our GPS Solutions feature can help. Here, you can set up diagnostic alerts so you know when to take your vehicle in for service.

Best of all, you can designate each of your fleet fuel cards to be used for fuel purchases, maintenance purchases, or a combination of both. This way, you can easily keep track of what you spend on maintenance.

Discover these and many other benefits of our fuel card has for the health industry. Contact Fuel Express for more information or to fill out our form today to get started.