Oil Fuel Card

Fleet Fuel Cards for the Oil Industry

The oil industry is a fast-moving sector. Some of the largest businesses in this segment sustain through the timely movement of their fleet to complete their deliveries on time. Whether your vehicles are delivering petroleum products or heating oil, you can ensure that your fleet keeps on the move without any issues using our oil fuel card perfect for the oil industry.

Track the Route of Your Fleet

All of our fleet fuel cards provide you with the ability to keep tabs on each vehicle in your fleet. With features that allow you to track purchase activity such as the payment location and time, you can know right away if a member of your fleet veers off track from your delivery timeline.

With added GPS location services, you can also keep track of each vehicle’s mileage, navigation, chosen route and stops in real time. This makes sure that all vehicles containing precious oil cargo are under your watchful supervision.

Manage Your Drivers’ Spend

Each fleet fuel card can have a unique spending limit denoted to it, which means that you can assign budgets accordingly for different routes or drivers. The ability to track all expenditures allows you to see which drivers are spending your company resources most efficiently on similar routes, which could help you assign specific drivers to routes on which they perform the best.

Our budget controls allow you to go beyond the restrictions of typical fuel and maintenance management. You can manage resources more effectively and hold special training for those who aren’t spending your company’s fuel and maintenance budget wisely. With in-house training efforts, you can also take effective measures that are specific to the fleet fuel card itself, as described below.

Make Sure Your Allotted Budget is Followed

Tracking your employees’ spend is not the only helpful feature our fuel cards provide. Since each fleet fuel card comes with the ability to have a specific budget and limits assigned to it for both fuel and maintenance purchases. This helps especially if you manage drivers who have a tendency to overspend.

However, if there is a genuine need for the fleet fuel card to have an increased limit, then you can set it while your drivers are on the go. This makes sure that your budget is spent with the perfect balance between control and flexibility. It goes a long way in helping you manage fuel and maintenance costs.

Oil Fuel Cards Track Your Vehicle Performance

With our fleet management services, you will also be able to keep tabs on the MPGs of each of your vehicles. Being aware of this information will help you determine which of your vehicles perform the best, which may be in need of maintenance, and which may need to be retired.

Fuel Express wants to help you manage an overall more efficient and effective oil fleet, which in turn could have very positive effects on your business. If you are looking for similar advanced oil fuel card solutions to be a part of your management process, then fill out our online form!