Pharmaceutical Fuel Card

Manage Your Pharmaceutical Fleet Easily

In the pharmaceutical industry, you need to move supplies and products to customers who depend on you. Efficient fleet management in this industry does not just increase profits; you save lives with timely service. Our Fuel Express pharmaceutical fleet fuel card increases the effectiveness of your pharmaceutical business.

Pharmaceutical Fuel Card Fleet Activity Tracking

You need your drivers to adhere to tight timetables. Our fleet fuel cards can be assigned to each driver and are protected by personal identification numbers. You will know when each driver stopped at a particular gas station. Pair this with our GPS Solutions, and you will know where your vehicles are at any moment in time. Fuel Express GPS Solutions based on Google Maps have a familiar interface that you will love.

Easily Monitor Your Driver’s Spending

You cannot afford to waste dollars. With our fleet management system, you can set limits on how much your fleet drivers spend. You can allocate dollars to maintenance and fuel categories. If you don’t want your drivers to use a company credit card on soda and snack foods, choose our fleet fuel cards. Our system will automatically deny inappropriate purchases.

Simple Budget Control

Our paperless, online system enables real-time tracking of your fleet system dollars. As a pharmaceutical business, you need a fleet fuel card that helps you make business decisions quickly and efficiently. Access your data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Maintaining your fleet budget has never been easier!

Broad Acceptance

Our fleet fuel cards are accepted at over 320,000 locations across the United States. We proudly partner with most major brands of fuel companies. When your drivers need fuel or maintenance services on the road, there will be an accepted station close to them. Your drivers will not waste gas or time going off of their scheduled routes.

OSHA and Safety Compliance

Your drivers must comply with work hour limits, or your company faces OSHA fines. You also need to limit your liability for accidents by monitoring your drivers’ behavior. With our GPS monitoring system, you can track driving time and speed. If a driver has an accident, you can immediately gather location data and send help.

The Fuel Express fleet fuel card helps pharmaceutical businesses like yours track driver activity, control spending, monitor budgets, and ensure compliance with safety policies. Our paperless systems assist you in fulfilling your mission to improve lives with your products. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today or fill out our online form!