Real Estate Fuel Card

Convenient Fleet Management Services

Even with today’s technology that allows customers to view videos of properties over the internet, closing real estate deals still requires the personal touch of an on-site visit. If you have agents who frequently travels to show properties to clients, consider simplifying your fuel reimbursement procedures with a Fuel Express fleet fuel card. Accepted at over 320,000 convenient locations around the country, this real estate fleet fuel card reduces paperwork and headaches.

Monitor Employee Spending

Our fleet fuel cards allow you to set limits on spending in fuel and maintenance categories. Therefore, your employees can easily pay for appropriate purchases at gas stations. The card automatically rejects purchases outside of the authorized categories and spending limits. Your central office staff can review reports online. With Fuel Express, your real estate company will save many hours when you no longer need to scan receipts and manually review credit card statements.

Detailed Activity Tracking

You want to make sure that your staff is making appropriate use of company resources. With Fuel Express, your staff can monitor the dates and times that your employees make purchases at gas stations online. If it appears that an employee has driven a company vehicle for a personal trip, you can take appropriate action. For even more control, consider our GPS vehicle tracking options.

Effectively Control Budgets with a Real Estate Fuel Card

Your real estate company’s bottom line depends on controlling expenses, eliminating fraud, and monitoring cash flow. With the Fuel Express fleet fuel card, you can keep expenses in line with your budget. Our security features will alert you to any unexpected activity on the card.

Simplify the tasks of paying employee fuel costs for your real estate company. Fill out our form or contact us for more information about the Fuel Express fleet fuel card and how it can help you rein in spending, monitor employee travel, and ensure compliance with your company policies.