Transportation Fuel Card

Modernize with Fuel Express

You advertise to your customers that you operate a modern transportation business. Get rid of the filing cabinets full of credit card statements and receipts. Transition to a paperless online system with Fuel Express transportation fleet fuel card. Enjoy the benefits of real-time tracking of your spending and your drivers. Streamline your delivery process, decrease inefficiencies, and boost profits all at the same time!

Fleet Fuel Card for Transportation Businesses

In business, every dollar counts as you control expenses and work towards making a profit. Fuel Express fleet fuel cards track spending in real time, rejecting inappropriate purchases, and restricting expenses to your budget limits. You may designate categories for spending allowances such as fuel and maintenance. Our gas cards are accepted at over 320,000 locations in the United States, making it easy for your drivers to find an in-network location while they’re on the road. This broad coverage minimizes the likelihood that a driver will use an out-of-network gas station, making it necessary for your staff to manually approve and reimburse credit card expenses.

Track Your Drivers

Operating your transportation business without keeping tabs on your drivers resembles playing chess blindfolded. In order to optimize routes, change schedules, and reroute your vehicles, you need to know your drivers’ locations. You also want to know if a driver deviates from a planned route, wasting time and money.

Our fleet fuel cards, perfect for your transportation business, track the dates and times that a driver stops at a gas station. To prevent fraud, we link each card to a specific driver with personal identification numbers. We also alert you if we notice a pattern of suspicious activity. For convenient real-time tracking, calculations of vehicle gas mileage, idle time data, and speed monitoring, add on our GPS tracking feature.

Fuel Express provides your transportation company with a complete modern fleet management solution, saving in labor time and costs. In the digital age, it’s time to get rid of the filing cabinets stuffed with paper receipts. Get started by filling out our online form today!