Commercial Fleet Fuel Cards

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A commercial fleet fuel card from Fuel Express opens the door to streamlined operations, successful budgeting, and easy reporting. We’ve been refining and improving our fleet management solutions for decades. We know how to simplify demanding tasks that take up your time as a fleet manager. Our fleet fuel card system overcomes challenges like tracking different fuel tax rates, finding low fuel prices, and paying for maintenance on the road.

Fleet Fuel Card Benefits
  • No Startup Fees
  • No Annual Fees
  • No Hidden Fees

You’ll get 24/7 access to all transaction data through secure online accounts attached to the commercial fleet fuel cards. The Fuel Express account breaks down everything by driver, vehicle, route, and costs per mile. You’ll also avoid spending surprises because you are in charge of the budget at all times. You can set spending limits or purchase restrictions as you see fit. The reporting tools make it simple to analyze spending from many angles and reduce expenses whenever possible. All of this convenience will be at your fingertips with no startup fees or annual fees.

Features of Our Commercial Fleet Fuel Cards

Features of Our Commercial Fleet Fuel Cards

A comprehensive suite of powerful features makes our commercial fleet fuel card an ideal choice. Our massive acceptance network places convenient service stations everywhere on your routes. Your drivers won’t waste time searching for specific locations. You’ll gain valuable insights about MPG costs and driver spending behavior. Paperless receipts and versatile reporting tools eliminate time-consuming record keeping tasks.

Over 320,000 locations across the nation process Fuel Express cards. Most fuel brands and national and regional chains accept our commercial fleet fuel card. Your drivers can use the closest and most affordable fueling stations on their routes.

Assign cards to each driver and log in to your account any time to track spending activity. As the manager, you decide who gets to spend money on what. If desired, you can restrict spending on specific cards to only fuel. Alternatively, you can expand spending privileges by authorizing certain drivers to buy fuel, maintenance, and other items. With this level of budget control, you’ll put an end to unnecessary employee purchases.

Fuel Express is ready to help when you have questions or encounter problems. Our top notch customer service agents work hard to resolve issues quickly. Whether you have a billing question or need to report a stolen card, Fuel Express will take care of you.

You’ll find all of the options that you need to get the most value from your fuel budget. The online account for every commercial fleet fuel card enables you to set spending and transaction limits easily. Defend your budget with restrictions, such as specific dollar amounts, maximum number of gallons, or geographic areas. These spending controls make it possible to cut waste and produce greater profits. Because real-time transaction activity is always available, you’ll know who is complying with your spending policies.

With spending data viewable online, you won’t need to wait for paper receipts ever again. Your drivers won’t have to worry about keeping track of them either. You’ll know where your budget stands at any moment without chasing receipts and wondering what’s going on.

Reporting tools from Fuel Express go far beyond just recording gallons purchased. Our versatile reports allow you to track commercial fleet fuel card spending by employee or vehicle. You have many options to choose from so that you can build reports according to your business needs. Know exactly what is happening with company money with reports that track:

  • Vehicles
  • Driver purchases
  • Miles per gallon
  • Exceptions
  • Individual transactions
  • Invoices
  • Tax-exempt purchases

The system also supports downloading reports into your bookkeeping software. Preparing your financial statements will take less time than ever before.

The Fuel Express commercial fleet fuel card provides many options that protect your money. You can set up your card accounts with the advanced security options appropriate for your organization. For example, if your fleet operates within a specific region, Fuel Express can activate regional blocking. If someone tries to use a lost or stolen card outside your region, then the system automatically blocks the transaction. Regional blocking buys you extra time if an employee does not realize a card is missing right away.

Fuel pump prompts that ask for specific codes or information stop thieves as well. You choose the code prompts that work for your situation. Driver code entries at the pump also feed important information into your activity reports. Choose from the following prompts:

  • Odometer reading
  • Route ID plus odometer reading
  • Driver or employee ID plus odometer reading
  • Vehicle ID plus odometer reading

Fuel Express customer service will take action quickly to deactivate a card once you report it lost or stolen.

Save Your Drivers Time

Every minute and mile matters for productivity and profitability. The nationwide acceptance network that we’ve built includes 95% of service stations. Your drivers will find convenient sources of fuel along their routes wherever they go. Major brands, such as BP, Shell, Chevron, Mobil, and many others, welcome drivers with our commercial fleet fuel card. Your drivers can pull into the stations or truck stops on their routes without spending company resources searching for an acceptance location.

The mobile app for your commercial fleet fuel card account helps drivers find the best fuel prices as well. The app updates data about locations and prices as drivers travel. They will have the power to reduce fuel costs by choosing the best deal among competitors. Your drivers can also use the app to search for specific maintenance services along their routes.

The flexibility and control that comes with a Fuel Express commercial fleet fuel card keeps your fleet moving. Drivers can select the locations that meet their daily needs without having to deviate from their routes. The time shaved off of fueling stops along with access to the best regional gas prices add up to significant savings.

Apply for a Commercial Fleet Fuel Card Today

Our commercial fleet fuel card offers all of the advantages that your fleet needs to compete and prosper. On the road, an extensive acceptance network empowers your drivers to spend wisely. At the office, you maintain complete budget control and gather data vital for boosting productivity. The security features prevent losses and alert you to unauthorized employee activity. Our reporting tools eliminate laborious data entry tasks that have been slowing down accounting duties. Fuel Express will support you throughout the onboarding process as you switch to our convenient and efficient system. Fill out this form for our commercial fleet fuel card today.