Fleet Gas Credit Cards

Advantages of the Fuel Express Card

Tailored to accommodate businesses of all sizes, Fuel Express offers fleet gas credit cards that streamline tracking, reporting, budget management, and more. Our fleet fuel card ensures consistent savings as fuel typically constitutes a major portion of your expenses. Fuel Express empowers you to efficiently manage your budget and oversee your fleet’s expenditures with ease. We provide comprehensive data for easy monitoring while putting fraud prevention and security measures first. Our fleet credit card comes with a slew of unique features and is accepted at over 320,000 locations nationwide.

Simplified Budget Management

With a Fuel Express fleet credit card, concerns about overspending or unauthorized expenses vanish. Irrespective of your business scale, you gain the ability to meticulously track every aspect of your fuel and maintenance budget. Tools like spending caps and purchase limitations enable you to control each driver’s ongoing expenses. Recognizing the diverse needs of businesses, we take pride in offering customizable reports for every fleet gas card account. This capability allows you to monitor driver expenditures, pinpoint fuel purchase locations, and track timing. Armed with a Fuel Express fleet credit card, you wield the necessary tools to regulate your budget and eliminate worries about exceeding expenditure limits.

Fleet Fuel Card Benefits

Safeguarding Against Fraud with Fleet Gas Credit Cards

The Fuel Express fleet credit card is equipped with robust security features aimed at fortifying defenses against fraudulent activities. You have the ability to set up unique prompts exclusively for your team at the pump, requiring drivers to input specific codes. Without the correct information, any transaction is promptly declined. Additionally, we offer exception monitoring to notify you of any irregular purchases. In the unfortunate event of a lost or stolen card, contacting our customer service team will result in an immediate deactivation of the missing card and prompt issuance of a replacement.

Nationwide Acceptance of Our Fleet Credit Card

Fuel Express fleet credit cards operate seamlessly within the expansive Voyager network managed by U.S. Bank. This extensive acceptance network ensures nationwide coverage, eliminating the need to spend time searching for specific gas station locations. With over 320,000 fueling and maintenance sites across the country accepting the Fuel Express card, drivers can efficiently save time by accessing the closest and most cost-effective fueling stations, given that major national and regional gas station chains welcome Fuel Express cards.

Fuel Express Enhances Fleets with GPS Tracking

Fuel Express offers GPS solutions that empower you to have comprehensive control over your fleet, leveraging GPS data to unlock opportunities for optimizing operations. By integrating the Geotab system, our customers can significantly enhance their business management capabilities. The G09 device connects to a vehicle’s OBD II port, enabling the tracking of vehicle movements, thereby improving efficiency and safety. Alongside precise location tracking for every vehicle in your fleet, you gain insights into speed and idling time. Explore more about our GPS offerings to elevate your fleet management.

GPS Fleet Optimization

Choose Fuel Express’ Fleet Gas Credit Card

Since 1989, Fuel Express has specialized in providing intelligent solutions for businesses and fleets with vehicles on the road. Our commitment is to consistently provide high-quality service while earning client trust through transparent financial agreements with no hidden fees. Sharing our extensive industry knowledge with fleet managers directly has resulted in strong, supportive relationships with our clients. We take pride in offering personalized service tailored to fleets of all sizes, spanning from fleet credit cards to advanced GPS solutions. Contact us today to see how Fuel Express can help your business.