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These days, many business fleets are large fleets that maximize their delivery amounts or the number of services they offer. While it’s true the more vehicles and drivers you have, the more you can achieve, it’s also true that you’ll have more success factors to consider. At Fuel Express, we want to help you simplify those factors and streamline your business. That’s why we offer a large fleet fuel card.

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Get to Know Fuel Express

Fuel Express offers a large fleet fuel card with a nationwide reach. Fleet managers use our commercial fleet fuel cards to stay competitive with real-time data. The Fuel Express card streamlines your record keeping with paperless receipts and organizes spending and mileage data by vehicle. You get a clear picture of expenses and the power to cut unnecessary expenses from your fuel budget.

Since 1989, our company has helped fleet managers meet their goals with innovative fleet gas card solutions. We leverage the power of the Voyager system from U.S. Bank to issue versatile and secure fleet gas cards. You get access to an acceptance network of over 320,000 fuel and maintenance locations nationwide. Our fraud prevention tools block potential thieves from multiple angles. Every fuel card feature can scale effortlessly to the complex and demanding financial goals of your large fleet.

Control Your Budget

Large fleets require big budgets, but every dollar saved increases organizational success. The large fleet fuel card from Fuel Express includes powerful budget control features. For routes with consistent mileage, you can set spending limits based on current fuel prices. You can also impose spending ceilings on those vehicles that need flexibility of movement. Purchase restrictions add another lever that you can pull to defend precious fuel dollars. Each driver accesses the system through individual PINs on the fleet gas cards. This means you can limit some drivers to buying only fuel. Other drivers can have more leeway with purchasing if you desire.

Fuel Express provides an online account where you can access all spending activity. Paperless receipts spare you from waiting for documentation about purchases to hit your desk. As data comes in, you can drill into the details and look for ways to improve the accuracy of your budget. You will replace educated guesses with decisions based upon clear data about the fuel cost for every vehicle. If you integrate your large fleet fuel card with our GPS solutions, then highly efficient budgeting becomes even easier.

Large Fleet Fuel Card Budget Monitoring

Monitor Your Spending

With our large fleet fuel card, you get to monitor spending closely. Not every vehicle consumes fuel at the same rate. Not every driver makes the wisest purchase decisions. To see what’s going on, you assign a fuel card to each vehicle. Your reports will then show fuel use and expenses for each vehicle. Drivers for each vehicle log in with their PINs. This lets you know exactly who is spending what. Small differences between vehicle performance and driver spending habits create opportunities to eliminate wasted money.

When you spot problems, you can correct them quickly through your online account. Turn on purchase restrictions for drivers to halt unnecessary transactions. Keep track of which vehicles use fuel efficiently or inefficiently and adjust routes to conserve fuel when possible. When you need to pay fuel bills, Fuel Express offers flexible billing options. You get to decide the best payment method at any given time with our fleet gas cards.

Universal Acceptance for Large Fleet Fuel Cards

When your drivers run out of gas on the road, they don’t have time to stop and search for a specific fuel location. With fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express, you can make purchases at more than 320,000 locations nationwide; no matter where your drivers want to fill up, they can. This universal acceptance lets them save time and get to their destinations faster, improving the overall efficiency of your fleet.

In addition, our large fleet fuel cards track the time, date, and location of every purchase. This means you can keep track of where your drivers are. Your drivers also won’t have to worry about keeping their receipts and you won’t have to worry about sorting through them. Instead, you can determine your fuel budget through online records that you can access at any time.

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Additional Benefits of Our Large Fleet Fuel Card

Monitoring your spending is only the beginning of superior fleet management with our large fleet fuel card. The exception monitoring feature allows you to customize what you need to watch out for. Alerts about unexpected increases in mileage and abnormal fuel purchases are especially important for large fleets. Fuel Express makes it possible to know about shifts in spending patterns quickly. You can address problems before they break your budget.

You may also require codes at the fuel pump to enable purchases. On top of collecting valuable data, fuel pump prompts increase security. You remove temptations for employees and block thieves at the point of sale. For fleets that must manage tax exempt purchases, our large fleet fuel card already has that option built into the system. All of this comes with the freedom to choose any fuel stations in our nationwide acceptance network.

GPS Solutions

Knowing where your drivers are at all times can help you determine their performances. When you add our GPS Solutions to our large fleet fuel cards, you’ll enjoy a variety of extra benefits. You can track the location of each driver, access their map, and send them a personalized note or directions directly from the GPS system.

You’ll also have the opportunity to set up a variety of alerts and reporting tools. These can help you keep track of driver activity and vehicle health. With things like drive time summaries, vehicle diagnostics, idle times, out-of-range incidents, and more, you’ll know exactly what’s going on at all times. With fleet fuel cards and GPS, you can make better decisions for your business.

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24/7 Support for Large Fleet Fuel Cards

At Fuel Express, fuel cards are not an afterthought. They are why we’re in business. We back up our commercial fleet fuel cards with 24/7 customer support. Your drivers are on the road at all hours of the day and night. When they have questions or need to report a lost or stolen card, our support agents can take the call. Our team members can issue replacement cards rapidly. Whenever you have staff changes, we’re here to help with the transition. We can also answer your questions about removing a driver’s ID.

The Ideal Solution for Any Industry

As a company solely focused on fleet management solutions, we understand what large fleets need from fleet fuel cards. Fuel Express applies experience gained over decades into meeting the goals of many types of businesses. We’ve developed a large fleet fuel card program that empowers you to improve efficiency regardless of your industry. We can do this because fleet managers share many common concerns across diverse industries, including:

Although the challenges and goals of industries vary, all fleet managers want to control budgets and increase productivity. Our fraud protection tools benefit all industries because no one is immune to bad actors. All fleet managers need to deal with revenue fluctuations, and our flexible billing makes the job less challenging. During the application and onboarding process, we help new customers set up their accounts according to their business realities. No matter how long that you’ve been with Fuel Express, you can always ask us questions. We always want you to get the most from your large fleet fuel card account.