Small Business Fuel Cards

Countless companies use the Fuel Express business fuel cards to get the most from every fuel dollar. Our small business fleet fuel cards help you manage budgets for each driver and vehicle. There are no startup fees and no annual fees. Transaction data arrives automatically so that you can always monitor spending in real time. The level of control enabled by our fleet fuel card system gives you the power to correct inefficiencies and halt overspending. Fuel Express can benefit any type of small business that operates a fleet including the following industries.

Delivery Fuel Card


With our fleet fuel cards for small businesses, delivery companies can monitor and adjust fuel budgets for every route. Online paperless receipts and constant online account access will help you make data-based budgeting decisions that shave expenses.

Construction Fuel Card


With Fuel Express, you can easily raise or lower fuel budgets on the fly when transport demands change among construction sites. Drivers can buy fuel almost anywhere, and you can track spending for each driver and vehicle.

HVAC Fuel Card


Let your HVAC technicians focus on repairs and installations instead of organizing gas station receipts. Transaction times, amounts, and locations feed directly into the online account, where you can easily assign budgets to each driver.

Automotive Fuel Card


A small business fleet fuel card puts you control of how much drivers spend and what they buy. Establish firm fuel budgets for each vehicle and authorize maintenance transactions through your online account.

Home Improvement Fuel Card

Home Improvement

Whether it’s a repair, installation, or an emergency call, we know your home improvement experts need to get to where they’re going quickly. A Fuel Express fleet fuel card gives them the ability to conveniently fuel up at gas stations nationwide.

Transportation Fuel Card

So Many More

Any small business with cars, trucks, or vans on the road can easily manage fuel expenses with our fleet fuel cards. Create instant expense reports at any time and identify areas where you can halt unnecessary spending.

Small Business Fuel Card

Our Small Business Fleet Fuel Card Allows You to Fuel Up Almost Anywhere

Universally accepted fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express provide drivers with unrivaled convenience. Over 230,000 fuel stations nationwide and 90,000 maintenance locations accept our small business fleet fuel cards. This helps drivers save time since they won’t have to go off route to search for fuel. They can stay on schedule by pulling in at any BP, Exxon, Kwik Fill, Mobil, Wawa, or select from thousands of other locations.

Small Business Fuel Maintenance

Easily Manage Fleet Maintenance with Our Small Business Fleet Fuel Card

You can easily authorize maintenance services with our business fuel cards. If your driver needs to fix a flat tire or replace a belt unexpectedly for example this feature is incredibly helpful. The ability to separate maintenance costs from fuel costs will help you stay organized. Your drivers will enjoy nationwide access to maintenance locations throughout our huge service station network which will further reduce downtime.

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Small Business Advanced Reporting

The Best Fuel Card for Small Businesses Offers Advanced Reporting

There’s no reason to spend time entering data into an expense report. The reporting tools attached to our small business fleet fuel cards rapidly organize fuel usage and expense data. You can access current updates about your remaining budget and transactions at any time.

You’ll also welcome the time-saving ability to download all fuel card reports into your bookkeeping software. The advanced reporting tools that come with our small business fleet fuel card audit your fleet 24 hours a day. Data about odometer readings, sales taxes, maintenance purchases, and fuel usage per vehicle make you the master of every dollar.

Track Driver Activity

Activity Tracking

Assign fleet fuel cards to drivers and monitor transaction data about when, where, and what they purchase. Reports could reveal unnecessary spending and alert you to adjust budgets or restrict certain drivers from making purchases. Valuable insights about your vehicles will be available as well. Odometer readings collected during fueling create miles-per-gallon reports essential for identifying the best vehicles for each route.

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Budget Control

Budget Controls

Through the online account, you can set your budget in stone while retaining the flexibility to respond to emergencies. Spending limits and purchase restrictions assigned to each card keep fleet spending under control. The paperless reports will also streamline operations and free up your time to focus on the big picture.

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Monitor Spending

Monitor Spending

The small business fleet fuel card from Fuel Express saves you from having to deal with unauthorized transactions. Spend monitoring features let you catch frivolous purchases or bad spending habits early. When you see budget-busting problems, you can restrict the fleet fuel card to only fuel purchases within your budget.

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Small Business Security Features

Our Fuel Cards for Small Businesses Offer Security Features

Fuel Express can enable regional purchase blocking so that your business fuel cards only work in the areas your fleet services. This automatically limits thieves’ ability to spend with stolen cards. We also have other security features that safeguard against fraud and limit employees’ opportunities to take advantage of your trust. Use fleet fuel code prompts to collect odometer readings, route ID numbers, driver IDs, or vehicle IDs to initiate purchase authorizations.

The Best Fuel Card for Small Businesses Comes with Top Notch Customer Service

The team at Fuel Express wants you to get the most from your small business fleet fuel card. We provide training so that you know how to use the budgeting and reporting tools within your online account. You can easily reach knowledgeable representatives by phone, and they’ll work hard to answer your questions or resolve any account issues.

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Small Business GPS Solutions

Save Even More with Our GPS Solutions

Integrating the small business fleet fuel card into your operation opens the door to powerful GPS tools. You can achieve the highest levels of efficiency and cost savings from your fuel cards when you upgrade your fleet with Geotab.

The Geotab GO9 device builds upon transaction data with location data to deliver a complete picture of fleet operations. Geotab pinpoints exactly where vehicles are on their routes. GPS data also expands your knowledge of driver and vehicle performance so that you can boost productivity and design efficient routes. You’ll know if drivers are stopping too much or going off of their routes. During a vehicle breakdown, Geotab connects drivers to tow truck operators. GPS data about vehicle speed and location prior to an accident could lower your company’s exposure to liability.

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Your small business can take full advantage of modern technology and tools for fleet management. After adopting a small business fleet fuel card from Fuel Express, you’ll eliminate the guesswork when setting your budgets. You’ll know exactly how much fuel is needed for each route and gain insights that lead to greater productivity. Reporting tools will reduce hours previously spent organizing receipts. Safety features will raise barriers between you and thieves. The Geotab option puts advanced GPS technology in your hands so that you can increase competitiveness with an optimized fleet. Fuel Express has the complete package that you’ve been looking for as a small fleet manager. Get the best fuel card for small businesses today.