Small Fleet Fuel Card

Organize, Plan, Budget, and More

When you have a small fleet, organization is the key to help it run smoothly. At Fuel Express, we offer a small fleet fuel card to maximize organization. You can use these fleet fuel cards at more than 320,000 gas and maintenance locations. This means your drivers can stop and fill up at virtually any location that’s convenient to them. We also offer custom financial tools to help you stay on track and GPS solutions for tracking ability.

Fuel Card Safety

Just like any other credit or bank card, fleet fuel card safety is important. That’s why we allow you to set pump prompts on each of our cards. These prompts will require the cardholder to enter things like their odometer reading, vehicle/driver number, PIN, and more before they can use the card. This helps ensure that if the fleet fuel card falls into the wrong hands, it still has protection.

We also offer 24/7 fraud protection on each of our small fleet fuel cards. This means we monitor the activity on each card and if we notice anything suspicious, we’ll alert you immediately. In addition, our customer support line is open at all times, so if you run into a problem, simply call us for assistance.

Budget Management

If you’re on a tight budget, our fleet fuel cards can help you maintain that budget so you don’t worry about your drivers overspending. You can assign each of your cards for fuel purchases, maintenance purchases, or a combination of both. And because each small fleet fuel card can also be assigned to a specific driver, you can be sure that only that driver uses it.

For even better management, we offer purchase restrictions and spending limits that you can set to make sure your drivers don’t spend more than you want them to or buy things that aren’t approved. This can help you make sure you stick to your budget on a regular basis.

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