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Kwik Trip Credit Card

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Kwik Trip Credit Card

Similar to a Kwik Trip Credit Card

Our Fuel Express credit card will allow your drivers to fuel up and buy supplies from any Kwik Trip location, but will also be available for use at more than 230,000 other gas stations and convenience stores throughout the country. Continue reading to find out how a fleet fuel card from Fuel Express is similar to a Kwik Trip Credit Card.

Small Card, Big Convenience

Our fleet fuel cards have helped dozens of fleets gain better control of their operations and their drivers – all because of convenience. We offer 24/7 online access to each fleet fuel card account so that you can keep track of your drivers’ purchase time, date, and location such as Kwik Trip. You can also download vehicle and driver reports to keep your record up to date.

When it comes to your drivers, they’ll get the convenience of choosing which gas station they want to use and the ability to fuel up fast and pay at the pump so they can be on their way. They also won’t have to worry about collecting and sorting through fuel receipts, since everything is recorded online.

Credit Card with Tracking

Our GPS software lets you track exactly where your vehicles are at all times, so you can make sure your drivers are following their scheduled route and in a timely manner. Your drivers will also be able to use GPS to navigate to another route, should they encounter an accident or traffic.

When you know where your drivers and vehicles are, you’ll be able to better distribute jobs and routes, ultimately making more customers happy and improving your bottom line. Get a fuel credit card today. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our fleet fuel card or GPS solutions.