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Sinclair Credit Card

Similar to a Sinclair Credit Card

At Fuel Express, we know your fleet fuel budget is one of the most important parts of your business, and that’s why we want to help. Our fuel credit card gives you access to every Sinclair gas station as well as thousands more across the country. It also provides a variety of management benefits for your company. Find out how our fleet fuel card is similar to a Sinclair Credit Card.

Faster Everything

When it comes to fleet operations, the faster the better, right? Our fleet fuel card can be used at more than 230,000 fuel stations nationwide. When your drivers are in a hurry to make a delivery or get to their next job, they don’t want to have to map out and find a specific place to get gas. This wastes both time and money. With our fleet fuel card, they can choose the closest gas station to their route (such as Sinclair) and pay at the pump so that they’re back on the road in no time. Faster destination times mean more satisfied customers.

We can also help make your budgeting process faster. Instead of collecting and sorting through all of your drivers’ fuel and supply receipts, you’ll be able to access them via an online account tied to each card. You’ll be able to view the details of each driver’s purchase (including the date, time, and location) on one screen, so you can save time when adding everything up. In addition, you’ll have access to our GPS tracking software. This lets you plan the timeliest routes for each delivery or job and lets your drivers bypass anything that may slow them down (like traffic or an accident) and take an alternate route to get to where they’re going faster.

Similar to a Sinclair Credit Card

If you have trouble staying within your budget, our spending tools can help. You’ll be able to set a spending limit for each fleet fuel card to make sure your drivers don’t spend too much and exhaust your budget. You’ll also be able to create purchase restrictions to avoid your drivers buying things they don’t necessarily need. These tools and our other features can help you stay on track and improve your success.