Fleet Fuel Card

The Perfect Fuel Card for Any Business

Your fleet will benefit in numerous ways with a fuel card from Fuel Express. We’ve developed powerful features that keep you in control of your budget. Access every detail through a convenient online account that organizes paperless receipts. See every dollar spent by each driver for each vehicle at any time. Use the reporting tools to calculate your fuel costs per mile and potentially identify wasteful spending.

Additionally, our huge nationwide acceptance network saves drivers time because they can choose the closest fueling stations. We protect your account with state-of-the-art security tools customizable to your exact needs. With decades in the fleet management business, Fuel Express delivers everything you need from a fleet fuel card. Fleets large and small pay no startup, annual, or hidden fees to take advantage of these productivity-boosting tools. Your business might even qualify for a volume discount.

The Perfect Fuel Card for Any Business

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Popular Fleet Fuel Card Solutions

All types of businesses appreciate how Fuel Express fleet fuel cards adapt effortlessly to various priorities. Our cards collect real-time data so that you can monitor and control every aspect of fuel spending. Customize purchase authorizations on the individual driver or vehicle level. Assign ID codes to employees and vehicles and build a complete picture of fuel usage, mileage, and transaction activity.

Commercial Fleet Fuel Card

Commercial Fleet Fuel Card

Commercial fleets of any size gain precise control of spending while gathering valuable insights important for improving fleet efficiency. A few clicks in your online account will produce expense reports whenever you need them. Alerts will warn you about unexpected spending so that you can address the situation immediately. Also, you can easily establish security protocols, like fuel pump prompts, that make the most sense for your operation. If desired, you can easily integrate the fuel cards with our GPS solutions.

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Government Fleet Fuel Card

Government Fleet Fuel Card

Our acceptance network of over 230,000 locations benefits government agencies with fleets covering large regions. Your workers might travel irregular routes across urban, suburban, and rural areas. With our fuel card, your drivers will be able to buy fuel wherever they go. Set daily spending limits to keep your fleet on budget. Your account will even help you track and manage tax-exempt fuel purchases.

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Small Business Fleet Fuel Card

Small Business Fleet Fuel Card

Small businesses need efficient systems, and our fleet fuel cards eliminate many steps in the record keeping process. Transaction data that includes location, time, and amount arrives automatically to your online account. Drivers keep their down time to a minimum because they can buy fuel virtually anywhere on their routes. With dozens of companies accepting our cards, your drivers can shop for the lowest prices. You won’t be tied to shopping at a single fuel station chain.

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Additional Business Solutions

Fuel Express has the options and features capable of meeting the demands of all kinds of fleets. Adjust the settings on fuel cards as necessary to achieve your goals for budget control, data collection, and security. Fuel Express makes it possible to have custom authorizations for each vehicle or employee that receives a card. This means that you can trust your most reliable employees with higher budgets while restricting most purchases for other drivers.

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Popular Fleet Fuel Card Industries

Fuel Express cards ease record keeping burdens for any organization with vehicles on the road. Our online account user interface places the tools to manage fuel budgets in the hands of all fleet managers.

Agriculture Fleet Fuel Card

Farmers and processors need to track trucks hauling produce, animals, fertilizer, and equipment. Manage your fuel spending closely and adjust your budgets on the fly if necessary.

Automotive Fleet Fuel Card

Build budgets based on the expected miles for each vehicle. Give your employees the ability to fuel up anywhere while blocking unauthorized purchases.

Chemical Fleet Fuel Card

Keep your fleet running smoothly even if a vehicle breaks down far from your headquarters. Our fuel cards can also be used to pay for maintenance throughout our acceptance network.

Construction Fleet Fuel Card

You’ll improve your bottom line when you don’t have to guess about fuel costs for transporting materials. Study fuel usage and expense data and learn the true costs for every mile that each vehicle travels.

Delivery Fleet Fuel Card

Keep your drivers on their routes because they won’t have to search for specific fuel stations. Fuel Express fleet fuel cards work at dozens of fuel chains and brands.

Energy Fleet Fuel Card

Adjust your budget for a vehicle according to distance to each work site. Detect vehicle maintenance problems early if you see a sudden dip in miles-per-gallon on your reports.

Financial Fleet Fuel Card

Avoid the hassle of reimbursing employees for travel miles because you can simply give them fuel cards. Fuel Express makes it possible to customize spending authorizations for each employee.

Furniture Fleet Fuel Card

Gain accurate insights about your delivery costs as you see transaction data in real-time. Expense and fuel usage information for each vehicle could reveal ways to cut costs.

Health Fleet Fuel Card

Know where and when your field staff buys fuel. The purchase restriction features and exception monitoring will help you stop unnecessary spending.

Home Improvement Fleet Fuel Card

Revenue fluctuates in this industry, and you can stay on top of fuel expenses with our flexible billing options. This flexibility lets your drivers fuel up whenever necessary to get the job done.

Horticulture Fleet Fuel Card

Gather data about your fuel spending during seasonal peaks and valleys in business. Use these observations to budget for busy times.

HVAC Fleet Fuel Card

Your customers want your technicians to arrive on time. The convenience of our large acceptance network means that your technicians won’t be wasting time searching for fuel.

Medical Fleet Fuel Card

Give your drivers just enough budget to get through day. With Fuel Express cards, you can set daily spending and swipe limits.

Oil Fleet Fuel Card

Our fuel card ends delays in reporting expenses with real-time transaction data and paperless receipts. Know where every dollar is spent on a per driver or per vehicle level.

Pest Control Fleet Fuel Card

As your workers travel to each job, you’ll see the spending information in your online account as it happens. In this way, Fuel Express gives you the ability to catch suspicious spending almost immediately.

Pharmaceutical Fleet Fuel Card

Your sales people need to focus on new customers instead of searching for gas stations. Curtail down time with a fleet fuel card that is accepted almost anywhere.

Plumbing Fleet Fuel Card

You have enough bookkeeping challenges with tracking parts, making payroll, and invoicing customers. Fuel Express can automate fuel expense tracking and protect your budget.

Real Estate Fleet Fuel Card

Know exactly how many miles you’re traveling with the odometer reading fuel pump prompt option. Add an employee ID on top of that and get precise information about all activity.

Transportation Fleet Fuel Card

Fuel is the lifeblood of this industry, and you can check in on spending every day or every hour. Use the Fuel Express phone app to find the lowest fuel prices along your routes.

And many more!

Fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express will aid any industry that wants effortless expense tracking and convenient fueling.

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A regular credit card account can’t match the benefits of our fleet fuel cards. Fuel Express gives fleet owners and managers the flexibility necessary to control costs and stop fraud. The reporting tools, real-time transaction data, spending controls, and cost-per-gallon analysis have the potential to increase profitability. Find out how Fuel Express can make your fleet run more smoothly. Simply fill out our short form and get started today!