GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions

Make Your Fleet More Productive While Monitoring Safety & Compliance

GPS fleet tracking solutions from Fuel Express build upon our successful fleet fuel cards that already benefit thousands of fleets. The system integrates with your fuel card reports and produces actionable data valued by fleet managers everywhere. With our GPS tools, you can achieve greater productivity, improved safety, and easier compliance.

What is GPS Fleet Tracking?

The global positioning system (GPS) uses satellites monitoring the surface of the planet. Satellite signals connect with sensors in vehicles. GPS results in a comprehensive, real-time view of fleet movements. As the fleet manager, you access much more information than simply vehicle locations. You get a continual data feed about vehicle speed, engine idling, road time, and even engine performance. You can also observe intricate details like how a driver accelerates or brakes.

GPS empowers you to adjust for changing needs and circumstances. You can immediately communicate new routes to your drivers. You can reroute them around construction or find a fast exit from a traffic jam. Should a breakdown occur, GPS connects drivers with emergency services and helps tow trucks find your vehicles quickly. GPS greatly enhances security for your vehicles because location data immediately reveals unauthorized, after-hours uses and theft.

Why Use GPS Fleet Tracking?

GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions

GPS shifts fleet management from tracking down answers to using knowledge. The power of GPS fleet tracking immediately improves your ability to boost productivity through greater efficiency. You can plan the best routes that keep mileage to a minimum while meeting your fleet’s obligations. Base your decisions on hard data and then measure the efficacy of your choices. Precise reports about fleet activity alert you to inefficient spending. You can ensure the accuracy of your payroll as well by verifying time cards and building barriers to time theft.

GPS supports your safety goals by informing you about driver behaviors. Adjust your training program to correct what is going wrong and reward drivers who are doing things right. As a result, your fleet may even qualify for insurance discounts. GPS fleet tracking from Fuel Express also satisfies your compliance needs. The GPS devices on your vehicles compile reports about driver hours, inspections, and international fuel tax miles.

GPS Tracking Solutions Benefit Your Business

GPS fleet tracking serves the needs that all fleets have in common. Fuel Express GPS saves time and money and helps you plan for the future.

  • Increase Productivity – Avoid heavy traffic, plan the shortest routes, and keep drivers on task.
  • Better Data – Have everything that you need to know consolidated and searchable within one system.
  • Fuel Optimization – Reduce vehicle idling, get advanced warning of maintenance problems, and cut unnecessary miles from your routes.
  • Safer Drivers – Receive alerts about bad driving, increase seat belt use, and design training programs to address safety concerns.
  • Stay Compliant – Avoid surprises about overdue inspections or hours-of-service overages with built-in compliance reporting.
  • Better Insurance Rates – Request an insurance discount based on your safety and compliance data.
  • Theft Protection – Discourage thieves with the ability to always locate your fleet vehicles.

Fuel Express GPS Solutions

The Fuel Express team understands the top concerns on the minds of fleet managers. Our services adapt to businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations regardless of their size. You have two GPS solution packages to choose from at Fuel Express. Consult us to identify the best GPS fleet tracking system for your business. We always have time to explain how specific GPS features will enhance your operation.

GPS Solutions - Geotab


Fuel Express connects small business fleets with the modern technology of Geotab. The Geotab G09 device provides a modern GPS fleet tracking system that works for small and large fleets alike. Over 30,000 small businesses already use Geotab to collect valuable data and make effective management decisions. Your fleet could achieve fuel savings of 10% to 20% as well as increased productivity. The Geotab GPS system is customizable as well so that you can pursue your top safety, compliance, and efficiency goals.

GPS Solutions - GPS Insight

GPS Insight

At Fuel Express, we have seen fleets succeed after pairing GPS Insight with our fleet fuel cards. We take pride in connecting you with modern, customizable, and scalable GPS fleet tracking. When you combine GPS Insight with our fleet fuel cards, you will be capturing all data pertinent to your fleet. The tools provided include mapping, messaging, mobile access, detailed reports, and seamless integration with fuel cards. A real-time picture of fleet operations will emerge from all of this data. Your role as manager will change from responding to the past to planning for the future.

Fuel Express Total Fleet Management

Fuel Express saves you from piecing together separate solutions for fuel management and vehicle tracking. You won’t have to reconcile reports from a separate fuel card system with an outside GPS solution. Choose us for GPS fleet tracking and get a comprehensive fleet management solution designed to overcome your challenges. The team at Fuel Express is here to help you succeed with training and any troubleshooting that may be needed. Our customer service team will show you exactly how to set up your fuel card accounts alongside the GPS system. Contact Fuel Express today to discuss your concerns and view demonstrations of our powerful fleet management tools.