Fleet Expansion

Make Fleet Expansion Easy with Geotab

Congratulations on your growing business! Fleet expansion, however, brings obstacles and potential headaches. Managing drivers and paperwork to keep your fleet spending under control is a complicated task. Not only do you and your employees spend more time going through receipts and completing paperwork, you also have an increased chance of making expensive errors. Instead, consider Geotab, a GPS-based fleet management system that grows with your business.

GPS Solutions Offered by Fuel Express

The Geotab GO9 device plugs into the OBD port of your company’s fleet vehicles. You also issue NFC fobs to your drivers to make sure that data is appropriately tracked for each employee. With our GPS system, you can easily track driver behaviors such as idling, speeding, and location in real time. The software can flag violations of company policies.

You will also receive valuable data about company vehicle performance, such as mileage per gallon. This data may alert you to vehicles that are having mechanical problems and need service. Optimized routes that save time and money can be sent to drivers’ personal GPS devices. If a driver has an accident, the system lets you know so that you may send roadside assistance. Geotab devices also pair with Garmin to act as Electronic Logging Devices for driver hours, vehicle inspections, and international fuel tax miles.

Easy Fleet Expansion Functionality

When it’s time to add new functionality to your system due to fleet expansion, search in the Geotab Marketplace for new modules. If none of these modules meet your needs, request our Geotab Software Development Kit. With these options, you will be able to integrate fleet management seamlessly into your business processes. Today, you may not think that you need any additional modules in your GPS tracking system. However, you never know what tomorrow will bring. The best business leaders are prepared for change.

A One-Stop Fleet Management Solution

Fuel Express also offers fleet fuel card that track driver spending on fuel and maintenance. You can set limits on budget categories, and automatically reject purchases that are not allowed under your company’s policies. Contact Fuel Express today to get started with a complete fleet management system with GPS tracking from Geotab.