Fleet Optimization

Geotab Fleet Optimization Provides Greater Success

Fleet owners and managers know that details about fuel consumption, driver behavior, and engine performance matter. Every bit of information enables you to achieve greater fleet optimization. The Geotab GO9 device can provide valuable insights about your fleet that you need to drive profits. Fuel Express can connect you with powerful fleet management technology from Geotab. Upgrading your fleet with Geotab offers a chance to increase your competitiveness and earn greater profits.

Monitor Fuel Consumption

Keeping a tight rein on fuel use is critical for staying on budget. Geotab measures fuel use by individual vehicles and drivers. The system organizes comprehensive fuel consumption data into easy-to-read reports. Vital metrics, like fuel used during idling and actual miles per gallon, will appear for each vehicle. You’ll get to compare vehicles and drivers. This helps you spot drivers prone to speeding, harsh braking, or prolonged idling that pushes up fuel consumption. If you detect these behaviors in some drivers, then you can coach them with fuel-efficient driving techniques.

Identify Efficient Routes

Finding routes that reduce miles or idle time will improve your ability to save on fuel costs. The route optimization tools built into Geotab help you speed up deliveries and avoid traffic bottlenecks. Improvements in route selection can lead to driving fewer miles and cutting CO2 emissions.

Engine Performance Contributes to Fleet Optimization

Stay ahead of maintenance problems by nipping engine performance issues in the bud. Geotab ties in with fault codes issued by truck engines, such as an alert about a failing oxygen sensor. You’ll know as soon as an engine needs a tune-up or other maintenance. Timely repairs cost less than repairs after a problem has had a chance to flare up into a major breakdown.

Roadside Assistance

When a fleet vehicle experiences a breakdown, Geotab provides rapid access to roadside assistance 24 hours a day. The GO9 device connects with a network of 45,000 service providers and summons the company closest to your disabled vehicle. This convenient feature resolves problems as quickly as possible and limits costly downtime.

Geotab fleet optimization technology also coordinates with fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express. We’re your ideal source for robust fleet management solutions. Our services are appropriate for fleets of any size. Empower your fleet with cutting-edge modern tools and call Fuel Express today.