One GPS Platform for Optimal Fleet Management

Easily monitor your fleet vehicles with the innovative Geotab GO9 device through Fuel Express. Gain access to real-time data for each vehicle via the online interface. This comprehensive management solution, combining GPS fleet tracking with Fuel Express fuel cards, involves a unit that conveniently plugs into a vehicle’s OBD II port, boasting a slim profile under two inches wide. For older vehicles lacking OBD II technology, adapters are available for seamless integration. As a trusted GeoTab reseller, we know the ins and outs of the platform and can make sure you get the most out of the service.

Benefits of Choosing Fuel Express as Your GeoTab Vendor

Fuel Express provides comprehensive support throughout the entire GeoTab onboarding process, from sales and installation to onboarding, training, and 24/7 assistance. When you want to have better control over your fleet with actionable insights toward better efficiency and safety GeoTab is a great choice. There are many benefits that will help your business succeed.

Boost Productivity

Improve Productivity

Rely on your drivers to complete their routes promptly by eliminating excessive idling, stops, and detours. Send routes directly to drivers’ GPS devices and monitor their progress online. Even if drivers switch vehicles, data can still be organized by driver or vehicle. Individual data is tracked using an NFC fob assigned to each driver, with the online software flagging policy violations for your review.

Improve Safety

Enhance Safety

Decrease insurance costs and legal complications by tracking drivers’ habits, such as speeding, braking, acceleration, and seat belt use. Enforce company policies with statistics on rule violations per mile. Incorporate the GO TALK feature into the GO9 device for spoken warnings when drivers breach policies. Geotab also prompts drivers to exercise caution when driving in reverse. In case of an accident, Geotab’s detection algorithm automatically notifies the fleet administrator, saving and transmitting crucial data before the incident.

Fleet Optimization

Optimize Your Fleet

Monitor fuel efficiency, engine performance, and idle time for each vehicle with our GPS fleet tracking solution. Stay informed about when a vehicle requires service or replacement. Utilize route optimization tools to plan trips that minimize mileage, carbon dioxide emissions, and fuel usage. In case of a breakdown, easily request assistance through Geotab Roadside service with a simple tap on the screen, displaying the estimated arrival time of the service truck.

Monitor Compliance

Ensure Compliance

The Geotab Garmin bundle functions as an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) to comply with new standards requiring the tracking of driver hours. Compile driver hours, vehicle inspections, and international fuel tax miles to streamline paperwork and provide up-to-date data for law enforcement and inspectors. Geotab seamlessly combines GPS fleet tracking and ELD services into a single, straightforward solution.

Enjoy Expandability

Expandable Features

Anticipate and address future business challenges with the flexibility of the Geotab Marketplace, offering numerous add-on modules for your devices. Customize your GPS fleet tracking solution as your company’s needs evolve. Alternatively, inquire about the Geotab Software Development Kit if you prefer developing software in-house with your own team.