GPS Tracking System

GPS Tracking Systems Maximize Fleet Productivity

Managing a growing fleet can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right set of tools, your fleet can become more productive, all while providing the highest quality service to your customers. Fuel Express is proud to offer the best technology on the market to maximize your fleet productivity with Geotab. Using our state-of-the-art GPS tracking system combined with the Fuel Express fleet fuel card has been a game changer for fleet managers. Here is how your fleet can be more efficient and customer-focused too.

The GO9 GPS Tracking System

Knowing where your drivers are at all times is important. The Geotab GO9 device’s GPS system gives you real-time data on each vehicle. It monitors where they are, the speed they are traveling, and whether they are idle. While the compact device is small, its benefits are huge. It gives fleet managers the information they need to eliminate unnecessary stops and detours and allows for last-minute changes to your drivers’ routes, all uploaded directly to the device.

The Ultimate Fleet Fuel Card

Gas credit cards are often tied to branded fuel stations, forcing drivers to take lengthy detours just to fuel up. Drivers can use the Fuel Express fleet fuel card at thousands of locations all over the country, at dozens of retailers. Plus, Fuel Express allows you to track every driver’s activities. This includes what they purchased along with the time and location of the transaction. Information like this gives fleet managers a much better idea of how their fleet operates. Our GPS tracking system and our Fuel Express gas card used together is unsurpassed for boosting fleet productivity.

Mileage Management and More

Fuel Express provides total fleet management solutions that go beyond expectations. The Geotab GO9 device also protects drivers by monitoring seat belt usage, engine status, and risky driver habits. Safe driving behaviors lower insurance costs and protect drivers while increasing profitability. You also receive alerts about unexpected traffic delays and accidents to keep your drivers safe and on the move.

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