Geotab Safety Solutions

Premier Fleet Safety Solutions

The best safety practices protect people, vehicles, and profits. As a customer of Fuel Express, you can access the advanced telematics technology of the GO9 device from Geotab. It provides you with state-of-the-art fleet safety solutions. Geotab builds a complete picture of driver and vehicle activities for fleet owners and managers. The system’s proactive safety tools reduce accident risks and thereby control insurance costs.

Know whether your drivers are wearing seat belts. Measure compliance with company safety policies. Receive instant accident notifications. Collect precise second-by-second data about vehicle braking, turning, and speed. Coach drivers with real-time alerts to halt risky behavior.

Comprehensive Geotab Reports

With Geotab, you can track fleet activity with daily, weekly, and monthly reports. The software develops risk and safety scores for every individual driver. The deep insights will empower you to improve drivers’ performance with objective, data-driven feedback. Your Geotab risk management reports will be at the heart of your fleet safety solutions. You’ll see the rate of safety violations in comparison to miles driven by the whole fleet.

Control Insurance Costs

The detailed data captured by the GO9 device during an accident could mitigate liability. The instant accident alerts that you receive will help you respond rapidly to the situation. Geotab saves valuable information about what a vehicle was doing right before an impact. The ability to clearly reconstruct the accident could reduce the assignment of blame on your drivers. Over time, the expenses of personal injury and damage claims could go down.

Driver Alerts and GO TALK

Any Geotab device sounds an alarm when drivers deviate from safety protocols. Supported by the monitoring system, drivers can adjust their actions to meet safety standards. After enabling GO TALK on Geotab, you can advise drivers with immediate text-to-speech instructions.

Geotab compares vehicle speed with posted speed limits. You’ll know when someone does not adjust speed after entering a reduced-speed zone. Geotab can also detect the use of seat belts in most vehicles. Software can’t forget, and drivers will benefit from the reminder by avoiding injuries that seat belts prevent.

User-Centric Fleet Safety Solutions

Geotab boasts an intuitive user interface designed around the needs of fleet operators. Fuel Express makes the user experience a top priority for all of our fleet management tools. The benefits of the GO9 device do not stop at safety. Precision management could lead to more efficient fuel usage and an enhanced reputation for your company. To test the robust fleet safety solutions of Geotab, contact Fuel Express today.