GPS Fleet Management System

Enhance Fleet Productivity and Benefit Your Business

Fuel Express offers GPS fleet management system solutions that extend the advantages of our successful fleet fuel cards, benefiting thousands of fleets. This system seamlessly integrates with your fuel card reports, providing fleet managers worldwide with actionable data. Utilize our GPS tools to enhance productivity, elevate safety standards, and simplify compliance measures.

GPS Tracking Explained

The global positioning system (GPS) relies on satellites that monitor the Earth’s surface, with satellite signals connecting to sensors in vehicles. This results in a comprehensive, real-time overview of fleet movements. As a fleet manager, you gain access to more than just vehicle locations; you receive a continuous data feed on factors like vehicle speed, engine idling, road time, and even engine performance. Detailed insights, such as a driver’s acceleration and braking patterns, are also available.

Our GPS fleet management system empowers you to adapt to evolving needs and circumstances. Instantly communicate new routes to your drivers, reroute them around construction, or guide them through a traffic jam. In case of a breakdown, GPS facilitates the connection between drivers and emergency services, aiding tow trucks in swiftly locating your vehicles. The security of your vehicles is significantly enhanced as GPS location data promptly exposes unauthorized after-hours usage and potential theft.

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Our GPS Solutions

The Fuel Express team comprehends the primary concerns of fleet managers, tailoring our services to suit businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations of any size. Choose from two GPS fleet management system packages at Fuel Express, and consult with us to determine the optimal GPS fleet tracking system for your business. We are always available to elucidate how specific GPS features can elevate the efficiency of your operations.

Real-Time Fleet Data with Geotab

Fuel Express links small business fleets with advanced Geotab technology. The Geotab G09 device offers a modern GPS fleet management tracking system suitable for both small and large fleets. With over 30,000 small businesses already benefiting from Geotab, you can harness valuable data for informed management decisions. Experience potential fuel savings ranging from 10% to 20%, coupled with increased productivity for your fleet. The Geotab GPS fleet management system is customizable, allowing you to pursue your primary safety, compliance, and efficiency objectives.

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Combining GPS Insight with Our Fuel Cards

Fuel Express has witnessed the success of fleets that integrate GPS Insight with our fleet fuel cards. We are dedicated to offering you access to contemporary, customizable, and scalable GPS fleet tracking. The combination of GPS Insight with our fleet fuel cards allows you to capture comprehensive data relevant to your fleet. This includes mapping, messaging, mobile access, detailed reports, and seamless integration with fuel cards. The amalgamation of this data provides a real-time snapshot of fleet operations. As a manager, your role transitions from responding to the past to proactively planning for the future.

Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity

You count on your drivers to complete their routes in a timely manner. Excessive idling, stops, and detours waste time and gas. Now you can send routes to drivers’ GPS devices, and track their progress online. If your drivers change vehicles, you may still collate data according to the driver or the vehicle. Individual data is tracked using an NFC fob assigned to each driver. The online software will flag violations from company policies for your review.

Fleet Optimization

Fleet Optimization

Our GPS fleet tracking solution helps you monitor fuel efficiency, engine performance, and idle time for each vehicle. Know when a vehicle needs service or replacement. Route optimization tools help you plan trips to minimize mileage, carbon dioxide emissions, and fuel usage. If a vehicle breaks down, request assistance with the Geotab Roadside service. Just tap the screen to dispatch the nearest provider. The estimated arrival time of the service truck will display on your screen.

Improve Safety

Improve Safety

Reduce insurance costs and lawsuits by tracking drivers’ habits for speeding, braking, acceleration, and seat belt use. Enforce company policies with statistics for the number of rules broken per mile driven. Add the GO TALK feature to the GO9 device, and a spoken warning will alert drivers when they violate your company policies. Geotab also reminds drivers to proceed carefully when driving in reverse. If an accident occurs, Geotab’s detection algorithm will automatically notify the fleet administrator. Speed and other important data in the moments leading up to the accident may be saved and transmitted to investigators.

How our GPS Fleet Management System Benefits Your Business

GPS fleet management system addresses the common needs of all fleets, and Fuel Express GPS is designed to save time, cut costs, and facilitate future planning.

  1. Enhanced Productivity: Navigate around heavy traffic, plan optimal routes, and ensure drivers stay focused on their tasks.
  2. Comprehensive Data: Consolidate and search all essential information within one system for better decision-making.
  3. Fuel Optimization: Minimize vehicle idling, receive early warnings about maintenance issues, and eliminate unnecessary miles from routes.
  4. Driver Safety: Stay informed with alerts about unsafe driving practices, promote increased seat belt usage, and develop training programs to address safety concerns.
  5. Regulatory Compliance: Avoid surprises by staying on top of overdue inspections and hours-of-service overages through built-in compliance reporting.
  6. Insurance Savings: Request insurance discounts based on your safety and compliance data, leading to better rates.
  7. Theft Protection: Deter theft by always having the ability to locate your fleet vehicles.
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Choose Our Fuel Express GPS Fleet Management System

Choose Fuel Express as your trusted partner for a robust GPS fleet management system that goes beyond conventional solutions. Our tailored approach addresses the unique needs of your fleet, offering advanced features to enhance productivity, optimize fuel usage, and ensure the safety and compliance of your drivers. Contact us online today and elevate your fleet management experience with Fuel Express and unlock the full potential of efficient, data-driven operations.