GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

Know Where Your Fleet Is At All Times

Not all GPS solutions are the same, which is why at Fuel Express, we give your fleet a solution with both GPS tracking and diagnostic benefits. When paired with your fleet fuel cards, these features can help you create an ultimate fleet management program.

With GPS tracking technology, you’ll be able to monitor each fleet vehicle’s location, number of stops, idling time, speed, and mileage. When you know this information, you can use it to increase your fleet efficiency, reduce your overtime costs, and increase your revenue, giving you a positive Return on Investment (ROI).


Knowing where your vehicles are at all times can also increase the safety of your drivers. If you’re alerted of an accident that’s happened on your driver’s route, you can use GPS tracking to reroute them to a safer path. You can also use GPS tracking technology to notify authorities of your driver’s location, should he/she need assistance. A vehicle’s location can also help you monitor the efficiency of each of your drivers, which lets you plan your schedules accordingly.

We offer GPS tracking programs for both small and large businesses. Contact us today for a free fleet business analysis.