Construction Fuel Card

Fleet Gas Cards for the Construction Industry

We know there’s a lot that goes on in the construction industry, from job locations to vehicles to equipment and more. That’s why at Fuel Express, we offer fleet gas cards card that can help you streamline your operation and take control of your bottom line.

Purchases, Simplified

Your vehicles may be headed to a different job site every day and to get there, they’ll need a place to fuel up. With our fleet gas cards, your drivers will be able to make purchases at virtually any gas station and with our online account access, you’ll be able to track each purchase – even fuel bought in bulk.

Each transaction will have a date, time, and location so you can know exactly what the card was used for. You can even set limits that let you cap off your drivers’ spending amounts and control what items they purchase with the card. This way, you can fine-tune your budget and make the most profit from every job you complete. Best of all – there are no receipts for you or your drivers to worry about. Every construction fuel card has its own online account with transaction reports, driver reports, vehicle reports, billing options, and more.

Tracking at Any Time

Construction isn’t just a 9-to-5 job, which means you may not always know where your fleet vehicles are. With our GPS tracking software, we can give you the tools to track every van or truck and make sure they’re on time and in the right place. You’ll also be able to track each vehicle’s MPG, which can alert you to any potential mechanical problems. You’ll also have access to a variety of reports and alerts that you can customize to better track your drivers’ progress.

Make things easier for both you and your employees when you apply for fleet gas cards from Fuel Express.