FedEx Fuel Card

FedEx Fuel Card

Fleet Gas Cards for FedEx Users

FedEx is one of the most popular delivery services in the country, and many businesses turn to them to help increase their efficiency. If your business uses FedEx for deliveries, we can help simplify your entire operation with fleet gas cards.

Budget Management

As long as you’re in the delivery business, fuel management will be a leading priority for your fleet. We know that finding the balance between fuel efficiency and fuel spending is always a challenge, but that’s why we’re here to help.

With our FedEx fuel card, you can create a better budget and a more effective fuel management system. We give you online tools to limit your drivers’ spending and set purchase restrictions so that you can stay on track. In addition, our vehicle diagnostic reports let you monitor each car or truck’s fuel consumption, idle time, MPG, and more to better plan your delivery routes.

Faster Deliveries

When you give your drivers the option to fuel up at nearly any gas station, you can save them time on a daily basis. Our fleet gas cards let you fill up fast and continue on your way, which means faster deliveries, and faster deliveries mean a more productive day and more satisfied customers. Your drivers also won’t have to worry about collecting and categorizing their fuel receipts, because every fuel purchase is documented in our online account. You’ll be able to see the time, date, and location of each purchase for your records.

Make the FedEx element of your business one that you can confidently manage. Apply for a FedEx fuel card today.