Best Fuel Card for Small Businesses

Fuel Express Has a Solution For Fleets of All Sizes

If you’ve been searching for the best fuel card for small businesses, you came to the right place. Fuel Express has been providing fleet management solutions for fleets of all sizes since 1989 and our specialty is fuel cards. Best of all, we never charge any startup or annual fees. Whether you have 3 trucks in your fleet or 300 our customizable system scales flawlessly in order to accommodate your needs.

There are countless benefits to choosing Fuel Express for your small business fleet fuel cards. Along with our powerful reporting features we also offer budget controls, paperless receipts, real-time transaction reporting, fraud prevention tools, and nearly universal acceptance at major fuel brand gas station locations across the country. Reach out today to speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives to see how our fleet fuel cards can help your business become more efficient.

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How Do Fleet Fuel Cards Work?

The idea behind fleet fuel cards is simple. They provide a way for your business to manage fuel and maintenance expenses effectively and efficiently. The detailed insights they provide allow you to make decisions at the top level which will impact every aspect of your business. Fleet fuel cards can save your small business money in multiple ways. They allow your drivers to fuel up almost anywhere, provide one online account where you can easily review all transactions, provide MPG tracking information, and halt unauthorized spending. Fleet fuel cards are much safer than cash and they’re also smarter than small business credit cards.

You have a couple of choices when it comes to managing your fuel cards. We highly recommend you assign each fleet fuel card to a vehicle. You can then assign a pin to each driver to ensure only those who are authorized have access. Alternatively, you can simply assign a fleet fuel card to each driver. Either way, all transactions will seamlessly sync in your online account.

You can say goodbye to chasing down, keeping track of, and organizing paper receipts. This will help you reduce and even eliminate tedious aspects of your accounting administration. To make things even more convenient you can upload the data into your bookkeeping and accounting software in order to easily build financial records.

The Best Fuel Card for Small Businesses Allow You To Fuel Up Anywhere

When it comes to the best fuel card for small businesses, you can’t be limited to one fueling station. Gone are the days of planning your driver’s routes around fuel or dealing with their frustration over needing to drive out of their way to purchase gas. With a Fuel Express fleet fuel card your drivers have the freedom to fuel up at almost any gas station. Over 320,000 fuel and maintenance locations across the country accept our fuel cards.

The efficiency of your drivers is critical. By keeping allowing them to stay on their route when they need to purchase gas your small business will not only save time, but money as well. If they require unexpected maintenance, our fleet fuel cards work for that as well. Providing peace of mind to small business owners and their drivers is one of our main priorities.

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Security Features and Fraud Protection

No matter what industry you’re in, fraud impacts your bottom line. That’s why our fleet fuel cards include strong security features to protect your budget from thieves. We halt unauthorized transactions in their tracks with multiple layers of defense. Fuel pump prompts, spending limits, swipe limits, regional restrictions combined with our responsive customer service will ensure your small business remains protected.

You can also easily set up budget tools that allow certain employees to purchase fuel only, fuel and maintenance, or additional in-store purchases on the road. You’ll receive alerts if someone tries to purchase something they shouldn’t, whether that’s an employee or a thief who has gotten their hands on your fleet fuel card. In the event a card is stolen you can ensure no one will be able to use it by setting up fuel pump prompts including odometer readings, route IDs, employee IDs, vehicle IDs, or any combination you’d like.

If your fleet only operates in a small area, setting up regional blocking will ensure that no one can make a purchase outside of your fleet’s region. The majority of fraud issues occur in Florida, Texas, and California. You can simply block these states entirely if your drivers never enter them.

Perfect for All Industries

We’re proud to offer the best fuel card for small businesses regardless of their industry. Whether you own and HVAC, plumbing, or construction company our fleet fuel cards will help your drivers get to where they need to go quickly. They’re also great for home improvement businesses who need to respond promptly to emergency repair calls. Learn more about the most common industries that we specialize in and don’t hesitate to reach out today to ask how our fleet fuel cards can change the game for your small business.

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If you’re ready to increase the efficiency of your business, the expert team at Fuel Express is here to assist. For over 30 years we’ve helped business owners just like you implement the solutions they need for their fleet drivers. As your business grows, we’ll be able to grow right along with you as well as provide additional tools to help you save such as GPS vehicle tracking. Contact us today to discuss your needs in detail. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have.