Business Fuel Cards

About Our Business Fuel Card

Fuel Express has the right business fuel cards for your fleet. A Fuel Express card account includes resources that fleets of all sizes can use to increase efficiency. The cards provide the freedom to buy gas or diesel at almost any location nationwide. Budgeting tools, security features, and Fuel Express customer service form a complete package already valued by fleets in countless industries.

Modern Resources for Any Fleet

Your account centrally organizes all transaction data and tracks expenses on a per-vehicle and per-driver level. You assign a card to each vehicle to build a complete picture about its fuel usage and mileage. Drivers use PINs to complete transactions, which gathers data about purchasing behavior for individual employees.

This system produces measurable savings in terms of both time and money. Whatever your fleet needs to do, our fleet fuel card makes fuel management easier. For decades, Fuel Express has been refining a gas card system that supports fleets in multiple industries including:

Delivery Companies

Tight schedules and stiff competition mean that you need to make every minute count. Keep fueling stops short with the fleet fuel card accepted by over 230,000 gas stations.

Construction Companies

Customize fuel budgets for each vehicle in accordance with shifting job site locations. Increase fuel budgets for vehicles on long trips and reduce the budgets for vehicles working closer to headquarters.

HVAC Companies

Wherever your technicians are working for the day, they can buy fuel between appointments. Monitor their spending activity in real-time through your online account.

Home Improvement Companies

Roofers, plumbers, and other home service companies get the flexibility they need to authorize fuel purchases for multiple employees. Set maximum budgets and restrict purchases to just fuel to stop impulse buys at convenience stores.

Business Fuel Cards Control Budgets

As the manager, you decide how much money to authorize for each fleet fuel card. You can align budgets exactly with operational needs. Use purchase restrictions and exception monitoring to enforce company spending policies. You can also examine spending data in real-time. Use the detailed information about purchase times, locations, and amounts to confirm that drivers are on budget. Easily compare mileage to fuel costs and spot opportunities to reduce waste.

Business Fuel Cards Streamline Operations

Your drivers can fuel up anywhere because the Fuel Express fleet fuel card enjoys universal acceptance. Your account prepares expense reports and includes strong fraud prevention. With paperless receipts, security alerts, and responsive customer service, Fuel Express empowers you to make strategic budgeting decisions. We also have state-of-the-art GPS solutions that can be paired with our business fuel cards for additional fleet insights.

Upgrade Your Fleet Today

Improvements to fleet operations pay dividends year in and year out. Fuel Express makes it possible to prevent overspending and speed up expense reporting. Contact us today so that we can discuss your business’ specific needs.