Business Gas Cards

Business gas cards allow your drivers to purchase fuel and keep records effortlessly. With a Fuel Express fleet fuel card, you define how money will be spent. As a business gas card, it does not have the open-ended purchasing power of a standard business credit card. You can distribute gas cards to drivers confident that purchases will remain strictly related to fleet operation. That’s only one element of a whole suite of Fuel Express features that will benefit your small, medium, or large fleet. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business.

Complete Transaction & Data Collection Solution

Once you apply for Fuel Express account, we set up a gas card for each vehicle in your business fleet. Multiple drivers can use a card assigned to a single vehicle, but they make purchases with their unique PINs. This system produces a complete record of fuel costs per vehicle while also organizing purchases per driver.

Our Business Gas Cards Are Accepted Almost Anywhere

A massive nationwide network of over 320,000 locations accept Fuel Express business gas cards. You’ll never have to worry about your drivers finding a place to fuel up. Being able to pull into almost any station means you gain opportunities to save on fuel. First of all, you can select the most affordable locations. Secondly, drivers can stay on their routes longer if they don’t have to go out of there way for gas. That means no more detours to visit a specific fuel company. Whether your routes stay the same or change day to day, you can plan the most convenient fueling stops.

Business Gas Cards CTA

Easily Manage Employee Spending

As the fleet manager, you won’t have to hope that drivers make wise purchasing decisions. You determine appropriate budgets based on current fuel prices. You can set maximum budgets and daily spend limits. You may limit certain drivers to fuel purchases only if desired. However, the Fuel Express business gas card also pays for maintenance at thousands of locations should you approve such purchases.

Speedy Record Keeping

With our business gas cards, you can focus on managing instead of record keeping. The system collects complete transaction data at the time of sale and eliminates the need for keeping track of paper receipts. With the power to collect odometer readings at the fuel pump, the account tracks MPG costs per vehicle. You can drill down deeper and compare purchasing activities among drivers. Reporting tools also track fuel taxes and contractors. All records can be downloaded to your accounting software.

Our Business Gas Cards Offer Superior Fraud Prevention

Fuel Express is there for your business in a number of ways in the unfortunate event that your business gas cards get stolen. Your account can automatically deny transactions lacking the correct vehicle or employee ID inputs at the fuel pump. Spending limits and swipe limits create more barriers to fraudulent purchases. Exception monitoring tools alert fleet managers to unexpected transactions.

Of course, Fuel Express customer service is here to deactivate a lost or stolen card as soon as you report it. We can issue new business gas cards to keep your fleet rolling while preventing thieves from taking your money. Learn more about our other fraud prevention solutions which come standard for each business gas card.

GPS Fleet OptimizationOptional GPS Solutions

When you come to Fuel Express for business gas cards, GPS integration with fuel spending data becomes a seamless process. Upgrade your fleet with the Geotab GO9 device at any time. GPS is a proven technology for efficient routing, enhanced safety, and greater productivity.

Choose Fuel Express for Your Business Gas Cards

Since 1989, we have proven our worth to business owners throughout the country. Our clients never have to worry about setup fees or annual fees. We provide onboarding support to new customers. We’ll help you optimize the system for maximum savings tailored to your fleet. You get fair and transparent pricing and efficient reporting tools on top of industry-leading security features. The Fuel Express team is always ready to answer your questions about business gas cards. Start the application process now.