Corporate Gas Card

Advantages of Our Corporate Gas Card

A corporate gas card from Fuel Express provides all the tools and other resources you need to manage fuel expenses related to your entire fleet in a comprehensive manner. Our cards not only give you precise control over your fleet budget but provide your drivers with flexible fueling options that help them complete their runs efficiently and cost-effectively. There are more than 320,000 locations nationwide that accept our cards. You can track activity per driver or per vehicle, and our customer service team will custom-tailor the reports you need to have both a high-level and low-level view of your fleet and business.

Enhanced Budget Controls at Your Fingertips

With our corporate gas card, you’ll have the budget controls you need to avoid overspending and improve your bottom line. Track every penny, set spending limits, restrict certain purchases, and master your budget. Another way our cards help is that they eliminate the need to collect and categorize paper receipts. Your account provides you access to spending records with date, time, and location stamps.

Monitor Your Fleet with Ease

Fuel Express understands how important it is that you be able to track driver location and activity, and we give you the tools to tailor your account to your particular business. Assign a unique card to a specific vehicle, designate a card for a particular driver, and block other users. You can also assign an individual pin to each driver. We also provide GPS solutions that not only let you track your drivers but select their optimal routes, and they’ll also receive real-time traffic updates along with many types of alerts, including warnings about road construction, detours, and accidents.

Monitor Your Fleet Corporate Gas Card

Save Money and Be More Efficient with Our Corporate Gas Card

Your Fuel Express account provides everything you need to manage money out relative to money in, which is integral to overseeing your fleet and ensuring that it’s profitable. The large number of fuel and maintenance locations in our network also makes it easier for your drivers to do their jobs well. Determine where the organization is spending wisely and where it’s not, and then, adjust accordingly.

Advanced Merchant Locator Tool

Driver downtime is significantly reduced when your drivers can easily identify the closest and most practical service stations on their routes. All of our cards include merchant location tools, and you can access them using a web browser or via our Apple and Android mobile apps. Drivers can search by location, or they can perform queries based on the specific merchant attributes they’re targeting.

Merchant Locator Google Play

Top-Notch Security and Fraud Prevention

Fraud can undermine your bottom line, and our corporate gas card accounts have strong and modern fraud prevention security features that put barriers between you and would-be thieves. Our security mechanisms have multiple layers of defense, including regional restrictions, spending limits, swipe limits, fuel pump prompts, and much more. You’ll also receive alerts when spending spikes or spending patterns change.

The Best Corporate Gas Card That Allows You to Fuel Up Everywhere

With our fuel cards, your drivers have access to practically every fueling station in the nation, and they’re able to get the fuel they need when they need it without deviating from their routes. Your drivers will often have multiple viable options available to them and will be able to select the fuel station with the lowest price.

Credit Cards for Diesel Fuel

Additional Corporate Gas Card Benefits

Fuel Express has been providing fleet management services since 1989. Our network includes more than 320,000 locations and is only expanding. Our reporting tools let you choose the exceptions that are notable to your business, and your reports can encompass a wide range of data, including vehicles, driver purchases, miles per gallon, individual transactions, invoices, and tax-exempt activity. Fuel pump prompts are optional, but if you choose to use them, your options include odometer reading, route ID plus odometer, driver ID plus odometer, or vehicle ID plus odometer.

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