Credit Cards for Diesel Fuel

Track Your Fleet With Our Credit Cards for Diesel Fuel

Fuel Express provides you the tools to track your entire fleet in a comprehensive and precise manner. With our credit cards for diesel fuel, you can monitor activity on a per-driver and per-vehicle basis. You have the option to assign all drivers their own cards or to assign a card to each vehicle. If you opt to have cards assigned to vehicles, your drivers will have unique PINs that identify them. You can also control how a card can be used, such as whether it’s limited to diesel fuel or can be used for maintenance as well.

Our approach puts your finger on the pulse of your fleet, and that leads to maximum profits. Our fleet tracking services also include GPS solutions. You’ll be able to monitor vehicle location and easily identify the fastest route to one of our 320,000 fueling and maintenance stations. Drivers will also receive real-time traffic updates along with alerts about accidents, detours, construction, and more. As our client, you will also have access to the in-vehicle GeoTab technology and, if necessary, our legacy GPS Insight program.

Monitor Your Spending on Fuel

Managing how much money you spend relative to how you much you take in is integral to managing your fleet, and our credit cards for diesel fuel make that a simple and convenient process. You’ll never again have to worry about chasing down paper receipts. Each time a card is swiped at one of our network locations, that purchase will be immediately recorded along with all of the ancillary information you need, such as the VIN and driver PIN.

You can set limitations for each card and/or PIN. Dictate precisely what can be purchased and how much can be spent, and you can set limits individually but also on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Identify spending trends on specific drivers, vehicles, and routes, and use that data to trim the fat so that you can reduce your fuel expenditures to the minimum requirement. Our credit cards for diesel fuel are accepted throughout the nation. There is no need to select a specific brand, and our network includes enough locations that your drivers will be able to select the best price.

Take Control of Your Budget

Proper budgeting is key to any successful business, and our credit cards for diesel fuel provide you more budget control. Factors that help you avoid over-spending include tracking fuel expenditures and setting spending limits and purchase restrictions. You can also go completely paperless with us. That means that you will not have to collect and organize paper receipts and that all of the data that we collect will be available to you in real-time.

Control Budget with Fleet Gas Cards

As mentioned, we have more than 320,000 partnered locations nationwide. To put that into perspective, consider that our credit cards for diesel fuel are accepted at 95% of all fueling locations in the United States. This allows your drivers to choose one of our locations organically based on their routes rather than having to go out of their way. Fuel Express also has strong fraud prevention measure in place. Regional restrictions, spending limits, swipe limits, employee IDs, vehicle IDs, odometer readings, and route IDs all play a role in ensuring that there are no unauthorized purchases.

Our Credit Cards for Diesel Fuel Provide Many Benefits

Fuel Express has more than three decades of industry experience, and we have the resources to tailor our services to the individual needs of each client. Our network includes more than 320,000 locations that accept our credit cards for diesel fuel, and we offer budget control, reporting, fraud prevention, and security. You will have access to an online portal that is customizable and through which you can access data, analyze activity, manage expense records, create reports, and much more. We provide multiple options for billing and payment, and we offer a sophisticated alert system that will notify you if there are unexpected changes in miles per gallon, shifting purchase patterns, excessive fuel purchases, disruptions in purchase patterns, and so forth.

Our Merchant Locator Is a Powerful Tool

We offer a Merchant Locator in conjunction with our credit cards for diesel fuel. You can access this tool online through our website or through your smartphone via our app. This tool integrates with our GPS solutions, or you can provide location information, such as a zip code or address. It will then provide you a map with all of the locations in that area along with the prices for diesel so that you can choose the best price and the optimal route.

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Let Our Credit Cards for Diesel Fuel Work for Your Business

Fuel Express fuel credit cards for diesel fuel can assist you in managing your fleet in so many significant ways. Our vehicle tracking and diagnostic systems can provide you with crucial information to keep your fleet running efficiently and effectively; our purchasing controls will ensure that you spend only the minimum amount required, and our customer service team will provide you with any support you may need along the way. Call now at 1-800-462-0799 or click here to get started!