Keeping Your Company on Track

Many companies choose diesel vehicles for their fleet because of their great fuel economy and their reliability. Diesel vehicles also offer towing capabilities, which can be beneficial to fleets in the construction industry, agriculture industry, and more. If your fleet is composed of diesel vehicles, consider investing in diesel fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express.

Diesel Fleet Fuel Cards

The Benefits of Our Diesel Fleet Fuel Cards

Our diesel fleet fuel cards are the perfect choice for any company that operates a diesel fleet no matter the industry or number of vehicles. One reason for that is our expansive network that includes more than 320,000 fueling locations throughout the United States, but there are many other reasons as well. Fuel Express provides you with multilayered security and fraud protection that you can personalize to your business, and we provide a wide range of customizable budgeting and tracking tools as well.

A Great Alternative to a Regular Credit Card

If you’re using regular gas credit cards to fuel your fleet, you can start saving money right away by switching to our diesel fleet fuel cards. The map tools we provide allow your drivers to locate the cheapest fueling spots while minimizing downtime and avoiding deviating from their routes. With Fuel Express, you have the choice of all of the fuel providers in our network rather than being restricted to a particular brand. You also have the added protection that comes with being able to set spending limits and require authorization through fuel pump prompts.

Security & Fraud Protection

Just like any other credit card, our diesel fleet fuel cards offer security features and top-notch fraud prevention to give you and your drivers peace of mind. Each fuel card can be fitted with pump prompts like a PIN, vehicle/driver ID, odometer reading, and more. This ensures the right person is using the card. In addition, we’ll monitor the activity on each diesel fleet fuel card and if we notice anything suspicious, we’ll alert you immediately.

Fleet Fuel Card Budget Control and Fraud Protection


We know your drivers have places to be and don’t have time to drive around looking for a specific gas station. At Fuel Express, our diesel fleet fuel cards are accepted at more than 320,000 locations throughout the country. This means your drivers can choose a gas station along their route. Once they pull in, they can simply swipe their fleet fuel card, fill up, and get back on the road. This can help save them time and complete their deliveries or appointments faster.

Merchant Locator App

Quick Merchant Location at Your Fingertips

Our merchant location tools are among the most powerful resources that we provide with our diesel fleet fuel cards. Using our website or the mobile app that we provide for Android and Apple devices, your drivers can quickly see a map of all fueling stations within our network as it relates to their current position. Drivers can also search those available locations, such as by address if they want the station closest to their route or by merchant attributes if they require a particular service. Fuel prices and other relevant information are also provided in addition to routing information for the chosen location.

The Smart Choice

Our diesel fleet fuel cards are the smart choice because Fuel Express is an established and trusted presence within this industry. We understand the needs of our clients and develop fuel card solutions that meet them. Fuel Express appreciates the importance of versatile solutions that each customer can personalize to their particular needs, and we have a dedicated and hardworking customer service team that will go the extra mile to ensure that your diesel fuel cards are perfect for your business.

Diesel Fuel Card

Budget/Tracking Tools

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s important to keep your budget on track and know where your drivers and vehicles are. Our diesel fleet fuel cards come with a variety of features to help you do this, including:

  • Spending limits
  • Purchase restrictions
  • GPS tracking
  • Flexible billing schedules
  • Mapping & traffic updates
  • Driver activity reports

Monitor Your Spending

Another reason our diesel fleet fuel cards are so powerful is how they help you track and manage your spending. This is much more than just a gas credit card but a tool that helps you improve your bottom line. Monitor purchases in real-time. Set purchase restrictions for drivers, vehicles, and regions. Choose the lowest fuel prices. Receive a notification when we identify unusual spending patterns, and use the reports we provide and other fleet management tools to better forecast your budget.

Optimize Your Diesel Fleet Budget

Our diesel fleet fuel cards are an effective and versatile tool for all businesses in all industries. Fuel Express has been trusted and relied upon by many different companies over the years, and our team is confident that we can help your business too. Call us today 1-800-462-0799 or contact us online to get started or with any additional questions that you may have.