Diesel Fleet Fuel Cards

Keeping Your Company on Track

Many companies choose diesel vehicles for their fleet because of their great fuel economy and their reliability. Diesel vehicles also offer towing capabilities, which can be beneficial to fleets in the construction industry, agriculture industry, and more. If your fleet is composed of diesel vehicles, consider investing in diesel fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express.


We know your drivers have places to be and don’t have time to drive around looking for a specific gas station. At Fuel Express, our diesel fleet fuel cards are accepted at more than 320,000 locations throughout the country. This means your drivers can choose a gas station along their route. Once they pull in, they can simply swipe their fleet fuel card, fill up, and get back on the road. This can help save them time and complete their deliveries or appointments faster.

Security & Fraud Protection

Just like any other credit card, our diesel fleet fuel cards offer security features to give you and your drivers peace of mind. Each fuel card can be fitted with pump prompts like a PIN, vehicle/driver ID, odometer reading, and more. This ensures the right person is using the card. In addition, we’ll monitor the activity on each diesel fleet fuel card and if we notice anything suspicious, we’ll alert you immediately.

We also offer a toll-free 24-hour customer support line. If you or one of your drivers needs assistance, don’t hesitate to call us. We’re available at all times.

Budget/Tracking Tools

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s important to keep your budget on track and know where your drivers and vehicles are. Our diesel fleet fuel cards come with a variety of features to help you do this, including:

  • Spending limits
  • Purchase restrictions
  • GPS tracking
  • Flexible billing schedules
  • Mapping & traffic updates
  • Driver activity reports
  • And more!