Fleet Credit Card for Businesses

Benefits of Choosing a Fleet Fuel Card

Catering to all sizes of businesses, a fleet credit card from Fuel Express allows for convenient tracking, reporting, budgeting, and much more. Our fuel card allows for consistent savings since fuel is going to be one of your largest expenses. Fuel Express lets you conveniently handle budget and your fleet’s spending directly at your fingertips. We provide data for easy tracking, while also recognizing your needs for fraud prevention and security. Fuel Express has bundled exceptional features into our fleet credit card, which is accepted at over 320,000 locations nationwide.

Manage Your Budget Easily

With a Fuel Express fleet credit card, you won’t worry about over-spending or using your budget for unapproved items. No matter the scale of the business, you’ll be able to track every penny of your fuel and maintenance budget. With tools such as spending limits and purchase restrictions, you may limit how much each of your drivers spends on an ongoing basis. The needs of each business vary, and we know that. That’s why we are proud to provide customizable reports for each fleet gas card account. Thus, allowing you to track driver spending, where fuel is being purchased, and when. With the fleet credit card from Fuel Express, you will have the tools to control your budget, and never have to worry about over-spending again.

Discover the Benefits of Our Fleet Fuel Card

Fraud Protection with the Fleet Credit Card

A Fuel Express fleet credit card includes security features designed to put up barriers against fraudulent activity. You create unique prompts at the pump that work only for your team that requires drivers to enter certain codes. Without the correct information, the transaction will be instantly denied. We also offer exception monitoring to alert you to purchases that are out of the ordinary. In the event of a lost or stolen card, give us a call and our customer service team will shut off the missing card immediately and issue a new one right away.

Use Our Fleet Credit Card Almost Anywhere

Fuel Express fleet credit cards run on the Voyager network. Operated by U.S. Bank, this acceptance network is massive, boasting nationwide acceptance, that eliminates time spent searching for specific gas station locations. There are over 320,000 fueling and maintenance locations across the country that accept the Fuel Express card. Drivers can save time by utilizing the closest and most affordable fueling stations because the biggest national and regional gas station chains welcome Fuel Express cards.

Fuel Express Enhances Fleets with GPS Tracking

To take total control over your fleet, GPS solutions from Fuel Express provide GPS data to unlock new opportunities to optimize fleet operations. Our customers can incorporate add the Geotab system to better manage your business. The G09 device connects to a vehicle’s OBD II port to track vehicle movements that can help you improve efficiency and safety. In addition to knowing the exact location of any vehicle in your fleet, you receive information about speed and idling time. Learn more about our GPS offerings.

Consider Fuel Express when looking into Fleet Credit Cards

Having been in business since 1989, Fuel Express helps find smart solutions for any business or organization with vehicles on the road. Fuel Express strives to provide top-notch quality service at all times and we earn the trust of clients with clear, set out, financial agreements free of hidden fees. Placing our deep reservoir of industry knowledge directly into the hands of fleet managers has proven to build strong and supportive relationships with our clients. We are proud to deliver personalized service to fleets of all sizes for everything from fleet credit cards to advanced GPS solutions. Tell us about your fleet today to get started.