Fuel Cards for Trucks

A fuel card account is the linchpin of effective fleet fuel management. Fleet fuel cards for trucks provide drivers with a secure way to pay and expense tracking for fleet managers. You also get spending controls and easy IFTA reporting. On top of these competitive features, Fuel Express has tools that improve efficiency and combat fuel expenses. Fleets have leveraged our services for decades to extract the most value from every fuel dollar. Give us a call today or contact us online for more information or to get started!

What is a Fuel Card for Truckers?

Unlike a standard credit card that works everywhere, a fuel card is accepted only by fueling locations. Typically, cards are accepted only by certain fuel brand networks. However, Fuel Express has built a card acceptance network that includes 95% of ALL fueling locations nationwide.

The narrowly defined purchasing power of fleet fuel cards for trucks grants fleet managers peace of mind. You’ll know that your precious fuel dollars will only be spent on gas, diesel, or other approved items. The fleet fuel card collects transaction data at the point of sale. A fuel card automatically organizes spending for each vehicle so that you can track spending precisely. Combined with account tools, like spending limits and IFTA reporting, a business gas card creates opportunities to control fleet operational expenses.

How Do Fleet Fuel Cards for Trucks Work?

A fleet fuel card works like a credit card. This is much more secure than entrusting drivers with cash, debit cards, or all-purpose credit cards. Buying fuel is simple at any location in our fleet fuel card acceptance network. A driver swipes a card, enters a PIN, and pumps fuel. You define the amount of money available for a vehicle. Additionally, you can allow a Fuel Express card to pay for vehicle maintenance. Over 60,000 maintenance locations accept our card in addition to over 320,000 fuel locations.

Start Saving with a Fleet Fuel Card For Your Trucks

Trucker Fuel Card Benefits

Fuel Express issues cards with features that meet the needs of fleet managers. All transactions are tracked and organized. You control the budget for every vehicle and can grant different spending authorizations to different drivers. The account removes administrative headaches and completes IFTA reporting smoothly.

Five more benefits of our fleet fuel cards for trucks are:

  • Exception monitoring with alerts about strange activity
  • Security code prompts at the fuel pump
  • Access to MPG data
  • Elimination of paper receipts
  • Purchase restriction options

Save Money

The profitability of your fleet relies heavily on controlling fuel expenses. The massive Fuel Express acceptance network places almost every fueling station at your disposal. This means that you can save money by purchasing from the locations with the lowest prices. The savings are significant over the course of a year whether you run a small fleet of trucks or a big fleet.

Top Notch Security & Control

Fraudsters want to get their hands on fleet fuel cards for trucks. Fuel Express protects your budget with multiple fraud prevention features that go beyond budget caps. Choose from daily dollar or swipe limits and even daily gallon limits. Work with us to restrict spending by zip code to combat unauthorized purchases.

Reporting Transparency

Fleet fuel cards for trucks increase efficiency on the road and in the office. Your accounting tasks get easier with reports that detail all transaction data. Purchase location, driver ID, vehicle odometer reading, and purchase amount are tracked automatically.

Easy For Drivers

An easy fueling solution helps your drivers stay focused on productive tasks. A fleet fuel card spares them from the burden of collecting receipts. Their fueling experience is fast as well. They simply swipe and enter their PINs and never have to carry cash.

Sign Your Business Up For Fleet Fuel Cards for Trucks

Fleets of all sizes can depend on account tools from Fuel Express to increase efficiency. The spending controls, fraud prevention, and reporting features of our fleet fuel cards put fleet financial priorities front and center. Our nationwide acceptance network lets you find the lowest prices too. Reach out to Fuel Express today to find out how we can help your fleet run efficiently.